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Apple Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit Dismiss 2021

Antitrust Lawsuits

Apple’s Virus App Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissal Request 2021

Apple Requests Judge to Dismiss Monopoly Lawsuit

Multinational technology company Apple asks the judge to reject an antitrust lawsuit filed against them due to allegations that they have planned to monopolize the market.

The Antitrust Lawsuit

The antitrust lawsuit was filed by the lead plaintiff Coronavirus Reporter in early 2021 at a New Hampshire federal court.

The lead plaintiff attests that the company monopolized the market by blocking their coronavirus tracking app from the company’s store. The lawsuit aims to get a compensation of $800 million from Apple.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lead plaintiff insists that Apple blocked their app from entering the market in March 2020. They add that when the coronavirus spread out, Apple used inconsistent standards to reject their coronavirus tracking app from entering the App Store.

Coronavirus Reporter argues that their app implemented a self-report model. They claim that Apple did not allow their app because there was no medical evidence to check that the self-made reports are accurate. 

However, the plaintiff contends that the company created and released an app that implemented a similar model in their App Store.

Coronavirus Reported adds that the company’s action was due to their intent to monopolize the market.

The plaintiff declares that they have collaborated with Rober Roberts when creating their coronavirus app.

Rober Roberts is known to have invented the “gold-standard test,” which is used to detect heart attacks. Aside from this, he was also the head cardiologist at NASA during the space race.

The lead plaintiff asserts that Apple’s decision to block them prevented users from accessing an app designed by a distinguished physician.

Dismissal Request

In April 2021, Apple requested a federal judge to reject and dismiss the lawsuit against them.

According to the company, Apple’s decision to block their app was due to their efforts to only allow reliable apps in their App Store. They add that this is to ensure consumers will get coronavirus-related information from trustworthy sources.

Apple argues that the Coronavirus Reporter does not have evidence to prove their claims. They also add that they are not required to deal with their competitors. Because of this, the company is asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit

Editor’s Note on Apple’s Virus App Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissal Request 2021:

This article is published to inform you of the latest updates on Apple’s Virus App Monopoly antitrust lawsuit.

Case Name & No.: Coronavirus Reporter v. Apple Inc, 1:21-cv-00047, US District Court of New Hampshire

Products/Services: Coronavirus Reporter’s app

Allegations: Apple blocked Coronavirus Report’s app from their App Store to allegedly monopolize the market.
Status: Pending

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