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Instagram Last Active Feature Consider The Consumer

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Instagram Launches New Last Active Feature

On Thursday, Instagram unveiled its new Last Active Feature, allowing people you follow, or have direct messaged, to see when you last used the service. In Direct Messages, under a person’s username, you can now see when they were last active with a message like “Active Now” or “Active 3h ago.” Your online status is Read More

Emergency Flu Treatment Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

How to Tell if You Need Emergency Flu Treatment

The flu has hit hard and spread fast this year. Every state except Hawaii is reporting widespread influenza activity. Hospitalizations are also higher than they’ve been in several years, and more than 700 flu deaths have been recorded so far this season, up from around 300 at this time last year. Health experts say there’s no need Read More

ways to save money consider the consumer

Consumer News

6 Surprising Ways To Save Money in 2018

When was the last time you took a close look at your expenses? If it has been a while, the first month of the new year is a good time to figure out whether you’re wasting money on things you don’t really need—or may be overlooking. This isn’t about giving up restaurants or skipping vacations. Read More

Payday Lender Regulation Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

The CFPB Reconsiders Payday Lender Regulation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the agency Congress established to protect consumers from abusive lending practices, has formally announced it will reconsider a key consumer protection, the Payday Lender Regulation. In a brief statement, CFPB said it intends to engage in a rulemaking process so that it may reconsider the Payday Rule, which became effective Read More

New Beauty Standards Consider The Consumer

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CVS Adopts New Beauty Standards For Beauty Products

CVS Pharmacy has announced new beauty standards for the marketing of beauty products sold in its stores and online by pledging to identify any images that have been altered. At the same time, the company is introducing what it calls the “CVS Beauty Mark,” a watermark that will identify images that have not not been “materially Read More

Intermittent Fasting Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

The Truth About Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Rather than consistently cutting calories, adherents to the intermittent fasting approach to weight loss alternate between periods of unrestricted eating and periods that allow for few calories. The 5:2 Diet, for instance, allows five days per week of normal eating while limiting you to around 500 to 600 calories on the other two days. Alternate-day fasting is one Read More

Gluten Free Diets Consider The Consumer

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Gluten Free Diets

Gluten free diets for weight loss have been a trend that has stuck for many years. The theory is that steering clear of wheat, rye, and barley, which contain the protein gluten, helps people feel and look better. Recently, this kind of elimination diet has expanded to reducing lectins—other proteins found in in foods like grains, beans, and certain Read More

Low Carb Diet Consider The Consumer

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The Truth About The Low Carb Diet

Cutting back on carbohydrates is nothing new. At the height of the Atkins craze in the early 2000s, a Gallup poll found that 27 percent of Americans said they were avoiding carbohydrates. And while Atkins still has its devotees, other low-carbohydrate plans, like Paleo, are getting more attention these days. The latest popular low-carb approach Read More

Closing of 63 Sam's Club Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Walmart’s Closing of 63 Sam’s Club Stores Comes Unexpectedly

Within hours of announcing the brand’s move toward a higher hourly wage for its employees, Walmart has also announced, quite suddenly, the closing of 63 Sam’s Club warehouse stores in the U.S., moving hundreds into unemployment. According to a few media reports, some Sam’s Club locations were closed Thursday, with no advance notice to customers or employees, Read More

Restoring Net Neutrality Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Tech Giants Join Fight In Restoring Net Neutrality

The Internet Association, whose members include some of the nation’s largest technology companies, has announced its intention to join a lawsuit aimed at restoring net neutrality. In December, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) overturned a 2015 rule that established internet service providers (ISP) as common carriers, requiring them to treat all internet traffic equally. Free Read More

Fake Apps To Access Your Personal Info Consider The Consumer

Consumer News

Hackers Are Using Phony, Fake Apps To Access Your Personal Info

Consumers who may have received a new smartphone over the holidays should take steps to protect it from phony apps, as scammers are using these fake apps to access your personal info. Security experts are warning that hackers can use malicious versions of these programs to fool users into sharing sensitive personal information. Using smartphone Read More

Tezos Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Tezos Class Action Lawsuit – Just Another Crypto Scam?

Tezos, a blockchain technology project that made headlines in July by raising $232 million, has been hit with numerous class action lawsuits this past month after its founders, the Breitmans, promised to build a blockchain with a revolutionary new governance model that would avoid the downfalls which plagued Bitcoin over the last couple of years. Instead, Read More

Takata Recall Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Takata Recall Continues, 3.3 Million More Airbags Called Back

The news doesn’t stop when it comes to the infamous Takata recall. The Bankrupt auto parts supplier Takata Corp. has recalled an additional 3.3 million potentially deadly airbag inflators, as the largest U.S. automotive recall gets even bigger. At least 15 car companies may be equipped with the Takata airbags, including BMW, GM, Honda, Toyota, Read More