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Top High Demand Products In 2021

Prices play a significant factor in commerce because it influences purchasing decisions. In a fair, open economy, pricing is dictated by two factors: supply and demand. The latter is an important aspect of commerce that both businesses and consumers keep an eye on.

In commerce, demand refers to the consumers’ desire to purchase goods and services and their ability and willingness to pay for them. Meanwhile, the law of supply and demand refers to how each of them affects the other.

The law indicates the natural cycle of commerce where a high supply of goods will lower demand, while a high demand will lower the supply. Normally, businesses price their products according to this principle due to its relevance and promotion of fair trade.

Demand for certain goods can change dramatically in different periods. 2021 was the same because it saw a shift in demand for specific goods because of the current circumstances the world is in. Based on various statistics that include Google search query data, these are the products that fueled consumer demand in 2021.


In-demand health and wellness products

Health became the main priority in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, consumers are now more conscious about their health, which shows in the increased demand for health-related goods.

Here are the health and wellness products that most consumers bought in 2021:


  • Air humidifiers

An air humidifier is an electrical appliance that adds moisture to the air. Air moisture is excellent for people who suffer from certain medical conditions. Thus, an air humidifier can help people with allergies, throat dryness and also alleviate some COVID-19 symptoms.

Google Trends data indicates that the demand for air humidifiers spike around the end of the year when it’s the coldest and driest. On average, one can cost at least $30 up to $70 and mostly target the general public. They also differ in size, shape, and features.


  • Air purifier

An air purifier refreshes polluted air and neutralizes foul odors. Like humidifiers, they can also help people with allergies and asthma. According to Google Trends data, it reached peak popularity during September 2020, which carried over through to 2021.

Air purifiers have different features and can accommodate different room sizes. Their prices range from $80 to $150.


  • Yoga mats

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine protocols were imposed, forcing gyms and other fitness facilities to close. That’s why people had to adapt and think of ways they could stay physically active at home. Because of that, yoga mats became popular.

On average, yoga mats are sold for $20 to $30. Fitness enthusiasts usually target them because it’s necessary to prevent slipping and bruising when doing at-home workouts.


In-demand comfort products

Being quarantined at home due to the pandemic made more people realize that they should invest in comfort. After all, that’s one of the reasons why we need shelter; to have a comfortable space to live in.

The most sought after comfort products in 2021 are as follows:


  • Seat cushions

Seat cushions started trending on search engines and e-commerce websites because of the sudden increase in remote employees, which led to more home office spaces. People who usually buy seat cushions are remote employees who sit at their home offices during their shifts.

Thus, this item targets desk workers and older adults who need to sit comfortably because of their fragility. They usually cost $30 in retail.


  • Sofa beds

A sofa bed can cost from $200 to $500. This type of furniture has been around for a while but recently became popular with homeowners on a budget.

The search volume for sofa beds quickly spiked and remained as it is throughout 2021. From pull-out couches to futons, many sought to have a sofa bed they could add to their house and still want one.


In-demand gadget products

The demand for gadgets comes from the need to stay connected to the world, livelihood, and convenience. In addition, people want to be informed, entertained, educated, and earn income, and the best way to get all of those in today’s modern world is through gadgets.


  • Power banks

Power banks are truly one of the best inventions in recent history. They allow people to charge their mobile devices outdoors and on the go. And since billions own smartphones, they became popular, and still are this 2021.

Power banks differ in capacity, size, and shape. They’re prized as low as $20 and can be as expensive as $35.


  • Wireless charging stations

Smartphone manufacturers have begun developing more devices with wireless charging features. It’s a hassle-free way to refill phone batteries even without plugging them into a socket. As more wireless charging devices become available, more people will need wireless charging pads.

Google Trends has shown that search queries for wireless charging products typically go up during November and December. That’s because more are looking for ideal Christmas presents, and such products are good options to give to tech enthusiasts. Wireless charging stations prices range from $15 to $30.


  • Phone cases

Phone cases remain to be one of the trendiest accessories for smartphones. Its search volume on search engines increases around the holiday season, although they don’t truly run out of fashion because of the many people who have them on their phones.

Phone cases are tailored to fit specific smartphones, typically depending on the position of the main camera and its shape. It also has different designs and colors. Its price range from around $20 to $35.


  • Car phone holders

Smartphones are now utilized for navigation by a lot of people. When driving, drivers need to look at their phones and keep their eyes on the road, which is what car phone holders are for.

Car phone holders are reliable driving assistants that make it easy and safe to view phone screens while on the road. They’re sold at a price range of $15 to $20.


  • Bluetooth headphones

Due to multiple smartphone manufacturers removing the headphone jack on their recent products, the demand for Bluetooth headphones went up. In addition, more people are also attracted to the convenience of wireless devices, ergo wireless charging.

These pieces of electronics cost around $20 to $60 each. Every brand has unique features targeted to produce the best sound for different people who like to listen to music and other digital content while doing something or even during their downtime.


In-demand home appliances

Appliances are necessary to elevate the quality of life at home. Consumers still recognized that throughout quarantine, which is why more people shopped for home appliances online in the past year.


  • Smart bulbs

The increased demand for smart bulbs came about because of the increasing number of automated homes. Google Trends indicates that consumer interest grew towards them, with search queries peaking later in the year.

The average cost of smart bulbs starts as low as $20 and goes up to $30 each. They’re a great addition to houses, even for the non-automated ones, because their colors and brightness are customizable, which also helps people who have trouble getting to sleep.


  • Portable vacuum cleaners

Keeping the surroundings clean is now even more plausible with portable vacuum cleaners. They’re lightweight and more flexible, making them more ideal for cleaning tight spaces.

Their average selling price stands at around $50. Since it’s increasingly becoming popular in 2021, its market value is forecasted to grow significantly in the coming years.


  • Space heaters

Search queries about space heaters go up during the cold months. While it may mainly be a seasonal item, it’s still helpful for most people who want to feel a little warmth at home.

Heaters cost as low as $50 and go up twice as high. There are also plenty of energy-efficient models, so there’s not much to worry about regarding electricity costs.


  • Air fryers

Air fryers’ main selling point is they only need little oil to cook food. That in itself is sufficient to increase its demand in 2021.

It can cook various dishes using heated air, which reduces the need for too much oil. Google Trends indicates that the high interest in air fryers will be sustained throughout 2021. On average, it costs up to $100.


In-demand fashion products

Clothing is an essential need of humans, so naturally, it’ll always be in demand. The difference lies in the kind of clothes people want more right now. It’s the most sold item in the world because it’s a constant need for people.


  • Sportswear

The demand for sportswear went up because of major clothing brands designing them more fashionably. Forbes found out that more consumers choose convenience over appearance; that’s why clothing brands shifted their sportswear designs to make them suitable even for leisure.

This trend that they’re calling athleisure sparked a 79,000 monthly search volume for sportswear on Google in the past year. Athleisure clothing costs mostly around $10 to $25.


Editor’s Note on Top High Demand Products in 2021:

Knowing what’s in-demand helps consumers decide which brands to look for and where to look for them when they have to buy products with value. As a friendly reminder, just because a product is in-demand doesn’t mean you need it. Spend your money wisely.

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