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The Different Advantages And Disadvantages Of Consumer Complaints

Establishing a healthy relationship with consumers is an effective way to sustain competitiveness in the business world. But to build that relationship, businesses have to be open to feedback from their customers.

Among all the feedback a business will receive from customers are complaints. Receiving negative feedback is inevitable; therefore, you must address them accordingly to build trust with your customers and the consumer public.

Answering and resolving consumer complaints is essential to keep improving a business. It also has its different advantages and disadvantages that you can read in this blog.

Advantages of consumer complaints

Although complaints are negative, they also present an opportunity to help your business grow. Here are the advantages of receiving complaints from consumers:

  • Gaining insight into consumer’s perception of your business

Complaints reflect the negative experiences that consumers had dealing with your business or using your products and services. There are various reasons for their unpleasant experience with your business, and identifying them will help get your business to the next level. To determine this, you have to pay attention to consumer complaints.

It also serves as a wake-up call for your business. There might be something off with the delivery of your service or system of processes that needs to change.

Moreover, you’ll also learn how consumers perceive your business. When you read complaints, you’ll obviously see negative things, but with this, you can determine your weaknesses and where your business lacks and improve them accordingly.

  • Have a better understanding of your customers

Knowing their aches and pains will also help you understand your customers better. Learning more about customers is the core of every successful business.

The more you understand them, the better you’ll be at your marketing efforts. You can easily make a connection with them once you’ve acted on addressing their complaints.

Furthermore, you can also improve how they perceive your business by managing complaints well. It gives off the impression that you care and you’re doing what’s best for your customers.

  • Managing your reputation better

Gathering consumer complaints is also helpful for managing your reputation. Responding to complaints appropriately and acting to address them are effective ways to improve your presence.

Especially nowadays, where the internet makes negative feedback more visible, consumer complaints can easily ruin your reputation. But on the other hand, the internet also makes it easier to respond to each of them, which you should do to avoid putting out a bigger fire.

Disadvantages of consumer complaints

Consumer complaints also have disadvantages that you have to deal with. Here’s a list of them:

  • Vocal customers are often disproportionately represented

The people whose complaints you hear aren’t always the perfect representatives of your average customer. Thus, some businesses end up working on a new feature or changing their process, only to find out that only a small percentage of their customers were affected.

Thus, you need to gather sufficient feedback. Track all related complaints to identify which issues have the widest impact, then work to resolve them.

  • It can turn customers against your business

With the advent of the internet, word-of-mouth travels faster. If not responded to and dealt with appropriately, complaints can spread like wildfire.

Hence, timeliness in response and taking action are also important when it comes to consumer complaints. Even the smallest ones can have a large impact when ignored.

You should also clearly set expectations when responding to complaints. This allows you to buy time to come up with a solution to their issue.

Editor’s Note:

Complaints are a form of consumer feedback that you can use to improve your business. Resolving them shows your commitment to serving your customers and helps you to gain positive publicity.

Consider The Consumer encourages consumers to file complaints because they have the right to be heard and be protected. We exist to get your story out there and help you solve your problems.

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