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Seeking Medical Care In The Time Of COVID-19:


Seeking Medical Care In The Time Of COVID-19: A Guide

The current on-going COVID-19 pandemic posed another challenge to people trying to avail themselves of medical treatments. 

Hospitals and medical professionals are working round the clock, almost always way beyond capacity, to stem the growth of the number of people contracting the deadly virus. 

In fact, many of the medical professionals in the country, from the top brass surgeons down to the nurses and other support staff members, are being subjected to insurmountable amounts of physical and psychological stress. 

Medical centers all over the United States have almost always dedicated their staff to providing medical attention to those that have contracted COVID. 

This leaves other patients who require other medical attention to be given lesser amounts of attention and support in lieu of patients experiencing dire cases of COVID-19. 

Nevertheless, this should not be the case. Though they are backed onto a wall, all medical professionals and support personnel have and performed an oath to protect all lives regardless of the situation. 

But with the extraordinary times to which everybody is operating at the moment, we as patients seeking medical help should be able to alleviate their current predicament by being mindful of the situation. 

A concrete and very helpful step for us to take is to know how to properly ask for treatment in order to not add more burden to their current medical workload. 

We here at Consider The Consumer have collated a few handy tips that you can follow to make your next doctor’s visit a breeze – for both you and your physician of choice. 

Preparation Is Key

We will not be tired of saying it over and over again – we are all operating in an extraordinary series of circumstances; therefore, it is important to plan ahead of time before heading outdoors. 

Just like your dates, dinner outs, and vacations with friends and family, one of the features of today’s new normal is by being two steps ahead of yourself and your plans. 

This very well goes without saying for doctor appointments as well.

List down your concerns so that you will all be able to discuss them with your doctor. 

Before setting foot at your nearest doctor’s clinic or hospital, make sure to give them a ring. 

Some doctors may not receive any patients without setting up an appointment with them prior. 

Clinic hours may be reduced as well, for they will be performing enhanced sanitary cleaning of the premises. 

During the day of your actual visit, confirm your appointment with the clinic’s receptionist beforehand.

Mask up, practice social distancing, and minimize close interactions as much as possible. 

If there are restrictions set up in your locality, be sure to be knowledgeable of them so that you can make the visit as smooth as possible. 

Once you are called and ushered into your doctor’s appointment room, honor their time and yours as well. 

This is not the time to be chatty and all. If you have known them for years, a few small talks here and there will not hurt, but now is the time to be straightforward. 

Bring out your list and discuss them with your doctor. This may seem a little cold, but trust me, your doctor would appreciate it very much. 

Once they have prescribed you your medications and/or have ordered you to undergo other diagnostic tests, make sure to ask about them and why they are important for you. 

Follow their orders religiously and if you have any questions, raise them to them during the consultation as well. 

For follow-ups, ask your doctor if you two can have telehealth calls instead if face-to-face interaction is not necessary. 

This would lessen the risk of the two of you getting exposed to the dangers of the COVID-19. 

Lastly, monitor yourself at all times. If symptoms persist, do not hesitate to phone your doctor. 

In case of emergencies, make a quick trip to the nearest Emergency room in your area. 

There are competent medical staff members that are there to help you with your needs. 

Editor’s Note on Seeking Medical Care In The Time Of COVID-19:

This feature is published to give you a quick primer of how to seek medical attention during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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