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How To Get Disability Claim Approved


How To Get Disability Claim Approved? 5 Things For Better Chances…

Got Your Disability Claim Rejected? Here Are A Few Simple Tips That Might Help 

Suffering from an ailment and it causing a lot of drastic changes to your everyday life is a very big and heavy burden to carry already. And authorities denying that your claim of disability not being valid adds an immense toll to one’s already worn-out soul. 

However, did you know that there are still many means a claimant can avail their claims and have them recognized? 

We here at Consider The Consumer have compiled an easy-to-follow shortlist of the following things you can do to appeal your initial claim and succeed in cashing in your well-deserved benefits. 

1.> First and foremost, you need to know the specific type of benefit you are trying to avail. Many Americans often confuse themselves with the different concepts between the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income program. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA), the government body tasked with handling the state’s social security concerns, handles them both. 

However, the Supplemental Security Income program is not funded by the American people’s tax dollars and is a part of the country’s social welfare program. 

This is given to elderly people aged 65 and above and/or beneficiaries who are disabled. 

On the other hand, the Social Security Disability Insurance is given to any individual who has suffered an injury and got a disability as a result that prohibits them from rendering work. 

This program is fully funded by payroll taxes. Benefits are classified between short-term and long-term depending on the extent of the disability. 

2.> If your initial claim got rejected, do not be discouraged. It is open for reconsideration that will be performed by another person from the SSA that has nothing to do with the first review conducted. 

It is in your best interest to do the proper preparations beforehand so that the reconsideration process would be easier and smoother. 

Make sure that you have read the rejection letter detailing why they rejected your claim in order for you to find out what are the necessary steps that you need to take to strengthen your claim and have it ultimately approved. 

3.> Prepare the necessary documents that would support your claim beforehand. Documents such as doctor’s visits and a detailed explanation of your current medical condition would help solidify your justification for a claim. 

Also, check whether you have provided the necessary documents being asked. 

Having all of these documents prepared before you go and file a reconsideration can increase the chances of your claim being reconsidered and accepted. 

4.> If you have not successfully gotten your claim approved in the second evaluation of your file, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional. 

There are disability lawyers that specialize in such cases and can lend their tried and tested expertise in order to help you out. 

The next rounds of processes will be highly technical and will highly likely sound Greek to you. 

Having a professional that would lend you their support would lighten your burden will make the whole ordeal a lot easier. 

5.> Appeals may occur during the whole process, which would prolong the time you need to wait to be fully awarded your disability claim. 

Be patient. Do not let the series of obstacles get the best of you. 

Reach out to friends and loved ones and let them know if you are struggling. You would not know how big of a help they can be to your life unless you ask for help. 

The whole process can be very exhausting and can demotivate even the jolliest of individuals. 

We here at Consider The Consumer will continue to publish really helpful primers that you can use. Stay tuned for more!

Editor’s Note on How To Get Disability Claim Approved: 

This simple feature aims to give you a brief overview of the things you can do in the case of your disability claim getting rejected by the authorities. They are just a few simple general steps you can make in order to prepare yourself for reconsideration.  

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