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How To Return A Product: Things That Warrant Product Returns

Consumers have a right to return any product or goods that they purchase. It’s a basic right that every business that sells and produces them should recognize and encourage. It’s also important that consumers know about it, how to exercise it and have access to ways to help them do it.

Different things entitle consumers to return a product they purchased from a seller. Each of these terms is either or both mandated by law and businesses that sell goods. Therefore, they should have an effective and clear return policy for consumers to follow when returning a product.

Product returns also protect consumers from physical harm or any damage they can sustain from their products. It also allows sellers and manufacturers to improve their goods. Before returning one, learn about the things that warrant product returns to prove your claim.



You can return any product with defects. If you find anything wrong with a product you bought, you can return it even right after you’ve used it.

Two different defects will warrant return and either a return, refund, or replacement: manufacturing and design defect. A manufacturing defect results from production, while a design defect results from poor design or improper testing.


Mismatch in description or sample

You can return a purchased product when it doesn’t match its description in advertisements or if it’s different from its samples. Doing so can either get you a replacement or a refund.

Any significant difference you can prove between the product you purchased and its description and samples is valid for return.


It doesn’t do what the salesperson says it does

If a product you bought doesn’t do what the salesperson who sold it to you claimed it does, you can return it. You can have a full refund because it’s not a credible product since it doesn’t do what was claimed by a seller.


A change of mind

You can also return a product even if you haven’t used it or barely used it yet. A change of mind is enough to warrant product returns. However, you may not get a refund for it, but you can have a replacement.


Bad packaging

If the product you purchased is badly packaged, you may return it to where you bought it. Packaging is important to maintain product quality; thus, compromised packaging entitles consumers to return privileges.


Editor’s Note on Product Returns: 

Knowing things such as this will help protect your consumer rights. Consider The Consumer encourages you to collect proof to support your return claim, including receipts, so you can return your purchased goods to receive compensation.

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