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How To Recycle Smartly - Reduce, reuse, recycle


How To Recycle Smartly – 6 Smart Ways To Recycle In 2021

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

This is the mantra people tend to live by in their everyday lives if they are keen on doing their part in helping the environment and save Mother Earth. 

Though one may not be fully aware of the impact of a single person practicing simple steps within their abilities and limitations. 

Constituting a ripple effect, a single action can result in a far greater consequence that would help forward the call to action in saving the planet Earth. 

However, you might need to ask yourself – are you recycling the right way? 

Tossing your used bottle in the recycling bin is not enough to do your part. 

Experts share that recycling is a process that should be done right – from the beginning to the end. If it is not done in that way, then the whole purpose of recycling is defeated. 

For example, an item that might have been improperly disposed of in the recycling bin can cause other usable items to get damaged as well. 

Processing plants will then refuse to process these items, for it may destroy their machine and equipment. 

This will lead to these items ending up in landfills – adding up to the already towering amounts of waste that continue to accumulate and do harm to the environment. 

As a more diversified consumer market is on its way to capture and dominate the United States due to modified spending habits spurred by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, experts believe that many companies will invest in building factories and setting up businesses focused on this type of niche in the near future. 

Listed below are some helpful tips that you can use to start with recycling your items the smart way. Check them out and practice smart recycling now!

1.> Keep paper items such as cardboard, old newspapers, and magazines, etc., completely dry and reasonably clean.

Store them in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place in order to keep them from getting soiled. Also, improper storage of such items may pose a fire risk to your home. 

Organize them in bundles according to the type of paper, texture, size, etc. This would make the job a lot easier for people responsible for processing and assorting them. 

2.> Never shred paper. Unless you would use them for a DIY project (Do-It-Yourself) that you’ve been eyeing to complete soon, do not shred paper items.

Most manufacturing plants do not accept the shredded paper as an item that they are willing to process. 

3.> Do not just toss your used plastic bottle or tin can in the recycling bin. Empty and rinse them clean with water. Leave on the lids for bottled plastics as well.

4.> Never put recyclables in bags without sorting them beforehand. 

5.> Take your recyclables to the properly designated areas in your community.

Local authorities may also set up a specific schedule wherein people are only allowed during that time to take their recyclables out of their homes for collection.

Reach out to your local authorities for more information specific to your area. 

6.> Some items are not meant to be recycled. Items such as used batteries, needles, etc., should be handled with care and disposed of properly.

Again, get in touch with your local authorities in order to know the regulations ruling these types of wastes and how they should be handled and processed. 

Editor’s Note on How To Recycle Smartly:

This feature serves as a quick primer for everyday consumers just like you to know of easy steps to do recycling the smart and right way.  

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