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What To Do After The T-Mobile Data Breach? 7 Easy Steps To Ensure Data Protection From Hackers

Data Breach

What To Do After The T-Mobile Data Breach? 7 Easy Steps To Ensure Data Protection From Hackers…

Affected By The Recent T-Mobile Data Breach? Protect Yourself Now With The Following Tips 

As the news becomes flooded with heavy coverage about the recent T-Mobile data breaching affecting millions of former and current subscribers, it is high time that you keep yourself protected. 

Learn more about some of the recommended security tips you can take to easily protect yourself from evil agents and their impure intentions. 

T-Mobile Data 2021

To look back, T-Mobile has been involved in a recent data breach incident that led to millions of its customers falling victims to hackers.  

According to different reports, it is estimated that around 100 million T-Mobile clients, former, current, and prospective customers, got their sensitive personal information exposed to unauthorized actors. 

Per the company, cyber hackers were able to obtain a plethora of details from customers ranging from names, birthdates, Social Security information, and others. Yet T-Mobile stressed out in a recent email to a publication that their subscribers’ phone and account information, passwords, and the like were not affected in any way. 

In the wake of the situation, T-Mobile has asked its customers to be proactive on data protection. In addition, the company has offered different free cyber security protection services. 

Amidst all of this, though, T-Mobile has not given out information about who amongst its millions of patrons are possibly affected by the recent data compromise. This leaves subscribers in the dark. 

Take Note Of The Following Security Tips 

Consider The Consumer has listed down a few steps you can take to protect yourself from potential identity theft and other fraud-related crimes in relation to the T-Mobile data breach: 

  • Change your PIN as a preventive measure. Although T-Mobile has assured its clients that it is not amongst the stolen pieces of information from their database, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t forget to update your password too. Use a strong password that employs a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and the like. 
  • Enable your accounts’ multifactor authentication. It is a handy feature that may prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. 
  • Avail of T-Mobile’s free cyber protection features. As mentioned above, the telecommunications company has taken a few steps to possibly offer help to their customers. Per reports, T-Mobile is offering an identity protection service to affected subscribers. Make sure to take the opportunity and use it.
  • Check your current credit status with the top credit reporting agencies. There may be a possibility that a cyber hacker using illegally gathered financial information to open up accounts and withdraw money under your name. Reach out to the three major credit bureaus and ask for your credit report. 
  • As an added measure, make sure to ask your credit to be frozen so that no potentially fraudulent transaction would be done under your account.
  • Reach out to your nearest T-Mobile store to report any suspicious account activity. 

About The Company

T-Mobile, officially known as T-Mobile USA, Inc., is a wireless telecommunications network company founded almost three decades ago. Headed by the company CEO Mike Sievert, German company Deutsche Telekom holds a majority stake in the company at 43.2% share ownership. T-Mobile calls Bellevue in Washington its headquarters. 

Editor’s Note on What To Do After The T-Mobile Data Breach? 7 Easy Steps To Ensure Data Protection From Hackers: 

This feature details some information about the latest data breach affecting millions of T-Mobile customers and the recommended security measures consumers can take to protect themselves. We recommend you to read the T-Mobile Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit.

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