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Ring Camera Video Requests Guide

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Ring Camera Video Requests Guide – What To Do When The Police Asks For Your Ring Videos?

This article will give you essential information regarding requesting video access to Ring cameras.

Multiple homes are installing video cameras in their doorbells since it allows homeowners to monitor their homes, giving them extra security.

Because of this, law enforcement is frequently requesting access to homeowners’ video devices to help with their investigation.

While some may be comfortable with this idea, many are not. This guide will discuss important information regarding requesting access to Ring cameras.


Ring, a company owned by Amazon, provides one of the most popular security surveillance security systems. 

Individuals purchase their product since it gives them an added sense of security by giving them the capability to monitor their homes and prevent crimes early on.

The company has created an application called Neighbors. This allows users within the neighborhood to share videos so they can monitor activities within their area better. 

In September 2020, the application recorded 10 million monthly users.

Neighbors Public Safety Service

The company has introduced another service called Neighbors Public Safety Service. 

The application allows law enforcers, such as fire departments and police officers, to request access to Ring’s Neighbors videos. 

The user would have to approve the request before it can be viewed. 

This service has aided investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies.

The company has collaborated with multiple agencies, including 400 fire departments and 1,700 police forces.

At the end of 2020, the application has recorded more than 5,700 video access requests sent by their partners.

Organizations Against Video Requests

Multiple organizations, such as Color of Change and Fight for Change, are questioning the access requests sent by Ring’s partners.

These groups allege that law enforcement has taken advantage of their video request capability by using it against communities of color.

The company has released a statement declaring that part of their guidelines that all users have agreed to follow include not using their service for discrimination, racial profiling, and any action that may incriminate individuals.

Individuals who would like to reject law enforcement’s video access request can adjust their settings to avoid getting them.

Video Request Process And Tips

When Ring’s partners submit requests to access Neighbors video, all users within that neighborhood are informed via email.

The email should contain information about the partner requesting access, including:

  • Name of the individual requesting access
  • The department he belongs to
  • The specific time of the video he would like to access
  • A message containing any additional details from the individual regarding the request

Users who will receive the request can perform the following actions:

  • Share the recording requested by the police
  • Review the recording, and only share what they want
  • Ignore and deny the request
  • Ignore the request and disable the feature allowing them to receive requests

If the user has given access to their video, law enforcement will have access to it on Ring’s for 30 days. However, they can also download a copy of the footage they can keep as approved by law.

Ring’s partners cannot have access to live video feeds, even if the user has granted them access to their videos.

If users would not like to receive video request access, they can disable the feature from the app’s Control Center settings.

Users can also disable the Neighbors app if they no longer want to receive any information from it.

Editor’s Note on Ring Camera Video Requests Guide:

This article is published to give you an overview regarding Ring’s video access request.

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