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Disable TV Tracking Your Activities

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How To Disable TV Tracking Your Activities?

Everything You Need To Know To Turn off Smart TV Snooping Features

With Smart TVs, there has been a lot of talk on how data are collected based on the shows that are being watched.

People cannot stop the data collection even if they disconnect the TV from the internet, but the Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) can be turned off.

What is the Automatic Content Recognition?

The ACR will try to identify each show watched on the TV, and it can then recommend shows based on what was viewed before.

It can also be a way to target ads and for other reasons. It’s difficult to review or delete at a later time.

In 2017, the ACR technology was made known as soon as Vizio got in trouble with regulators for collecting data without consent from the users.

Vizio paid $2.2 million to settle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and New Jersey.

The case resulted in TV companies taking extra care in collecting any information to determine viewing preferences and changed their privacy policies and terms of use.

This allows people to decline data collection for a particular time when the TV is being set up.

Each screen needs to be read, and there are TV brands that have privacy policies and agreements that people need to look into.

Shut off Instructions

Amazon Fire TV Edition Television

The platform is built into different models from Insignia and Toshiba sold through Amazon and Best Buy.

Amazon claims they have set themselves from the rest as they are not using ACR to track the shows watched by the people and have never collected data through either a cable set-top box or on any non-Amazon device linked to the television.

Although the platform collects details on programs watched using an antenna and through streaming apps that are available through the Fire TV platform.

There’s no need for an Amazon account to use the TVs, but people will need one for some features.

There are also Amazon privacy policies and terms and conditions during the first setup.

To turn off programming data collection,

1) Go to Settings by pressing the home screen or the settings button on the remote.
2) Scroll to the right to Preferences and click
3) Access Privacy Settings, and the following can be turned off.

Device Usage Data collects information on how owners use the TV for advertising. People can opt-out, but the company will say marketing offers will be less relevant.

Collect App and Over-The-Air (OTA) Usage Data collects details on what is watched when an antenna is used.

How many times or how long the owner uses third-party apps are also being measured.

Once Interest-Based Ads are turned off, it will affect not just the television but other Amazon devices.

Ads will still be present, but they will not be personalized to the owner.

To read Amazon’s policies,
1) Go to Settings
2) Select Device and Software
3) Select Legal & Compliance

Both the privacy policy and privacy settings frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be read there.

Android Television

The platform can be used on sets such as Hisense, Philips, Sony, and TCL.

Android TVs do not use ACR to get specific content that is watched on the TV, but some brands use Android TV that will do so, and they have separate privacy policies and user agreements that will allow people to limit data collection.

Even though Google does not use ACR, it collects data from TV brands that use its system, and there’s no opt-out option of Google policies during set up.

1) Choose the language
2) Access Google agreements while connected to Wi-Fi
3) Set up or sign in to Google Account
4) Get to Google Terms of Service
5) View Google’s terms of service and privacy policy
6) Access terms of service for Google Play
7) Click on Accept button

Through location services, people can choose if they will allow TVs to collect diagnostic details that the company will use to improve an Android TV’s performance.

Once the setup is done, people can limit the information an Android TV collects that’s linked to targeted ads.

1) Look for Settings
2) Select About
3) Opt-out of Viewing Information Services

Editor’s Note on How To Disable TV Tracking Your Activities:

This guide is created to help you minimize your watching activities tracked by a Television.

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