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Your Hair Straightener Might Be Killing You! FDA Report Shows Deadly Formaldehyde In Hair Straightening Products

Authorities from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have warned consumers who love to get their hair straightened or smoothened that they might have been exposed to carcinogenic chemicals in certain hair treatment products. 

In an update released by the agency on its official website, FDA officials warn consumers to practice extra caution when having their hair treated with certain products to have them straightened out per their liking. 

Titled “Formaldehyde in Hair Smoothing Products: What You Should Know,” the agency found out that most hair chemical products release formaldehyde gas into the air while hair is being treated for straightening. 

Formaldehyde is a known cancer-causing agent which can have short and long-term impacts on an individual’s health when exposed.  

The recognized carcinogenic is released to the atmosphere when the chemicals applied to one’s hair are treated with a hot iron press. 

This is done to lock in the treatment to the hair strands, but as a result, harmful and deadly formaldehyde is released. 

Then this gas continuously goes around a confined space, in most cases, in a salon where one usually gets their hair straightening treatments. 

Even at a minuscule amount, a person exposed to formaldehyde can experience acute irritation to the eyes and nose. 

Their breathing might be affected when they inhale the formaldehyde gas as it goes through a person’s pulmonary system. Allergic dermatitis or skin sensitivity can be observed as well. 

Sustained prolonged exposure to formaldehyde gas can lead to serious health implications for a person’s health in the long run. 

Experts agree that asthma, frequent headaches, and contact dermatitis. It can even lead to cancer, the FDA report suggests. 

In addition to that, authorities have warned consumers not to do hair straightening treatments at home. 

Instead, the agency stressed having hair treatments done by a licensed professional at an establishment. 

These individuals and places are knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide customers the best service possible without endangering one’s health. 

Nevertheless, if customers still prefer having their treatments at home, they should be vigilant of the ingredients used in the hair treatment products they will apply, the FDA adds. 

If a person experiencing discomfort and any other symptoms mentioned earlier when having their hair straightened out, it is best to immediately seek medical attention. 

Also, take note of the product used and report it to the authorities for further investigation. 

Companies that offer hair care and treatment products have been entangled in legal troubles in the past for allegations that their products are harmful to the everyday consumer.

Unilever has been accused by complainants that its keratin shampoo uses ingredients that eventually leach formaldehyde. 

The company has already settled a similar case in the past for $10 million involving their Suave keratin shampoo containing deadly chemicals.  

Editor’s Note on FDA Report Shows Deadly Formaldehyde In Hair Straightening Products:

This feature is published to give you an update of the latest FDA report warning consumers of the potentially deadly effects of hair straightening products currently available in the market. 

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