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Is Soda Maker A Worth It?

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Is A Soda Maker Worth It? Improve Your Health & Mother Nature…

Useless or Useful? We Take A Look At The Benefits Of Owning A Soda Maker

Is it a fancy gimmick or a solid practical alternative? Soda makers are one of those products that you may see as you scroll through Amazon or heard about from a friend. 

Some who have their own swear by it while others see it as a product they regret buying. 

Before weighing in the practical side of a soda maker, we should ask what makes a soda and how a soda maker does its magic. 

Soda or popularly known as a soft drink, is a beverage that contains the following three important components: carbonated water, sweetener, and artificial flavoring. 

You may know them as the popular soft drinks Coke, Pepsi, or Fanta with thousands more of its iterations and derivatives available at a store near you. 

However, different companies do their own recipes to concoct their version of delicious beverages. 

You may think that a lot of manpower and facilities are needed to create this fuzzy magic of a drink; however, with the latest innovations in technology, creating soda is made easier with gadgets like the soda maker. 

The soda maker does its wonders by infusing carbon dioxide into the water to create effervescence. 

These are the bubbles found in a liquid that creates the fizz that is characteristic of soda drinks that makes it exciting to consume on a hot, humid day. 

People find it a cool piece of science that they can use to make their favorite drinks. It is basically everywhere – you can find ones being offered in Bed Bath and Beyond for $71 and can go up to more than $100 in several stores on Amazon. 

Soda maker machine

But should you even consider buying one? There are many benefits to it – economic, physiological, and environmental. 

First, it would make economic sense to buy a machine that makes soda for you instead of buying a bottle of soda every time you want it. 

According to an analysis published in a report on the website Consumer Reports, assuming that one goes through a couple of liters of soda in a week, soda makers should be able to recoup the cost of buying a soda maker within two years. 

Additionally, consumer reports suggest that the cost can be recovered as early as 38 weeks upon use. 

Other costs of fetching soda, such as gas, fair, etc., are not even accounted for; thus, it makes perfect economic sense to switch to a soda maker. 

In addition to that, one’s carbon footprint is significantly decreased as they switch to a soda maker. 

In fact, one of the world’s most famous soda maker, Coca-Cola, has shared in 2019 that it produces more than three million tonnes of plastic packaging annually. 


Some of these wastes end up in landfills, while others contribute to the worsening marine pollution affecting countless marine lives. 

Opting to own a soda maker and making the treat yourself, one would cut down the number of waste bottles they produce in a year. 

This can be quite a small feat, as a drop in the ocean, but with concerted efforts can make a huge difference in helping Mother Nature. 

Lastly, soda makers may have physiological benefits to a person. Most soft drinks contain a lot of artificial additives and sugars, which adversely affects one’s diet. 

But when you create the soda yourself, you are only infusing carbon dioxide in your drink for the fizz. This eliminates all the unwanted sugars and chemicals coming in contact with your body. 

If you are a person that has weight issues and is having a hard time ditching your favorite soft drink, starting to use a soda maker would be a great step for you to take control of your problems to tackle them head-on. 

Editor’s Note on Is A Soda Maker Worth It :

This article aims to inform you of the benefits of owning a soda maker. The end decision is, of course, yours.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Do you own a soda maker yourself? How is your experience with it so far?

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