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Sonic Drive-In Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit - Judge Approves The Case, Legal Proceedings To Continue

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Sonic Drive-In Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit – Judge Approves The Case, Legal Proceedings To Continue…

Court Permits Sonic Data Breach Class Action To Proceed, Junks Defendants Legal Arguments 

In a recently announced decision, an Ohio court judge has allowed the class action filed against drive-thru food company Sonic over a data breach. 

Click to access In-re-Sonic-Corp.-Customer-Data-Sec.-Breach-Litig.pdf

Update Regarding The Court’s Latest Announcement

According to reports, United States (U.S.) District Judge James S. Gwin has found that Sonic’s legal argument has no direct proof that they were not at fault for a data breach incident that affected its customers. 

The judge denied Sonic’s bid to obtain an early judgment to the case lodged against it in court. 

A Quick Look At The Sonic Data Breach Class Action

The Sonic Drive-In Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit was filed by different banking institutions after they were forced to make reimbursements and release new credit cards to their clients after falling victim to the data breach.

Banking and credit union providing companies Arkansas Federal Credit Union, American Airlines Federal Credit Union, and Redstone Federal Credit Union all banded together to sue Sonic after the data breach incident from 2017. 

Per media postings, private and highly sensitive credit card information was illegally accessed by unauthorized agents. 

More Details 

The Sonic Drive-In Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to take Sonic to court and hold them accountable after they purportedly engaged in multiple acts and practices that put their own systems in jeopardy. The said vulnerabilities resulted in their customers having their information falling into the wrong hands. 

The plaintiff banks aim to form and represent thousands of similarly situated individuals whose sensitive information was accessed by hackers because of Sonic’s failure to protect its own system. 

Editor’s Note on Sonic Drive-In Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article discusses the class action against Sonic over a 2017 data breach that affected thousands of customers. Similary, multiple class action lawsuits were filed against T-Mobile concerning a recent data breach the company experienced. Read more about it at T-Mobile 100 Million Data Breach 2021.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): In Re: Sonic Copr. Customer Data Breach Litigation.; Case No.: 1:17-md-02807

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Ohio 

Allegation(s): Sonic is negligent and should be held liable for failing to protect its system to prevent the 2017 data breach.

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