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ReproSource Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

Data Breaches

ReproSource Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit – Fertility Company Irresponsible Of Its Customers Private Data…

ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc. Faces Class Action In Relation To Data Breach Incident 

A Rhode Island patient in a class action lawsuit is suing ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics after it reportedly encountered a data breach event and has failed to take the necessary actions in relation to it. 

Jasmyn Bickham v. ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc.

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Rhode Island Resident V. ReproSource Fertility

Filed by complainant Jasmyn Bickham, the ReproSource Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is a legal case aimed at ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc. The said company has fertility clinics all across the United States. 

Hailing from Rhode Island, Bickham is taking the fertility company to court after it reportedly committed lapses before and after the data breach incident.

The class action argues that ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics did not enforce the needed security measures to protect its clients’ personal private information from being illegally accessed by unauthorized actors. 

It is said that the firm is irresponsible due to the fact of the proliferation of data breaches and other cybersecurity attacks perpetrated against medical and healthcare providers. 

Further, it is believed that victims of the data breach incident were not treated properly and were not informed that their personal private data had been hacked over a month after the security lapse was found out. 

Further Details

Besides the allegations mentioned above, the fertility company is also accused of not handing out details as to whether their patrons’ personal private information has been destroyed or recovered as a result of the data breach.

It is alleged that at least 350,000 customers got their personal information, such as Social Security information, health insurance data, and the like, unlawfully accessed by non-sanctioned actors.

ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc. is just one of the companies that have recently fallen victim to a data breach attack that reportedly put into jeopardy a sizeable number of people. 

The ReproSource Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is looking to press onward charges that include breach of implied contract, negligence, violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the like. 

In the wake of the data breach hacking, ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc. has promised to roll out a one-year identity and credit monitoring program to those who are victims of the unfortunate event.  

Consider The Consumer will continue to cover topics encompassing data breaches and the class action cases filed in relation to hacking incidents around the country. 

Editor’s Note on ReproSource Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature aims to discuss the legal case filed against fertility company ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc. with regards to the alleged lapses it has committed after a data breach. We also suggest you read the Octapharma BIPA Settlement.     

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Jasmyn Bickham v. ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc.; Case No.: 1:21-cv-11879-GAO

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of Massachusetts 

Allegation(s): ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics Inc. violated the law and several other statutes after experiencing a massive data breach event.                 

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