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Paradies Shops Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit - Failed To Protect Employees' Private Data

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Paradies Shops Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit – Failed To Protect Employees’ Private Data?

Class Action: Paradies Shops LLC Negligent In Data Breach Incident That Affected Thousands Of Its Workforce Members 

Paradies Shops, an airport stores operator company, is facing a class action alleging that it was negligent in protecting its workers’ private data leading to them falling victim to a data breach incident in 2020.

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A Look At The Paradies Shops Data Breach Class Action Filing 

According to online reports, Paradies Shops LLC is looking to tackle a class action lawsuit filing brought up against it by leading plaintiff Carlos Ramirez. 

Filed in a Georgia court, the Paradies Shops Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to take the airport stores company to court for its reported failure to set up the appropriate security measures to protect its employees’ private information. 

It is noteworthy that the company faced the data breach incident in 2020 after malevolent online actors hacked into its systems. The said incident ended up affecting more than 76,000 of Paradies Shops LLC’s personnel members.  

Ramirez was a former employee of the company from 2007 until 2014 when he worked in a Paradies Shops LLC-run and managed an airport store. During his stay with the company, he reportedly gave them his personal information as required by his employment terms. 

The complainant became alarmed by the data breach incident when he received a government letter sent to him asking for his Social Security details after he allegedly filed claims for unemployment benefits which he never did. This incident occurred multiple times.

Ramirez and other former Paradies Shops LLC workers were not formally informed by the company after eight months of the initial incident when the company reached out to different authorities to deal with the matter. 

Paradise Lagardère Did Not Properly Protect Its Workers, Class Action Contends 

The class action claims that the airport store company purportedly did not do its part in protecting their employees’ names, Social security numbers, and other highly confidential and sensitive personal data handed over to them as part of the working terms.

Former employees like Ramirez and countless others are now faced with the harsh and bleak reality that their private information may have been stolen and already been sold to illegal markets online. This makes them more susceptible to identity theft and other fraud-related crimes associated with their names and other valuable personal information. 

The Paradies Shops Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is looking to obtain just compensation for all of the injury and damages Paradies Shops LLC’s alleged negligence has inflicted on the victims of the 2020 data breach incident. 

The company may face different charges, including invasion of privacy, breaches of confidence and implied contract, and the like. A Class group that would cover victims residing anywhere in the United States is also being petitioned in court. 

About Paradies Lagardère

Georgie-based Paradies Lagardère (formerly Paradies Shops) is a company that specializes in running and staffing different airports and hotel stores across the United States and Canada. Founded in 1960, the company is known to provide different types of store stands in a variety of locations ranging from newsstands to specialty stores in the two countries mentioned. 

Editor’s Note on Paradies Shops Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit: 

This report informs you about the class action filed by a former worker of Paradies Shops LLC contending that the company is allegedly negligent and responsible for the 2020 data breach. You might also be interested in the T-Mobile 100 Million Consumers’ Data Breach Lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.: Carlos Ramirez v. The Paradies Shops, LLC; Case No.: 1:21-cv-03758-ELR

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Georgia 

Products/Services Involved: Workers’ private data

Allegation(s): Paradies Shops LLC failed to uphold the highest security standards to protect their personnels’ welfare and safety. 

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