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LinkedIn Data Breach 2021 - 700 Million Users' Private Data Made Public

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LinkedIn Data Breach 2021 – 700 Million Users’ Private Data Made Public…

LinkedIn Reportedly Experienced Another Data Hack, 700 Million Users’ Data Exposed 

Online social media networking site for professionals LinkedIn is said to be involved in a data breach incident wherein more than 700 million users’ information was leaked. 

Reports: LinkedIn Takes The Brunt Of Latest Data Breach Incident

According to reports, LinkedIn users’ private information ranging from names, genders, phone numbers, social media accounts to their salary information were infiltrated and taken away by online fraudsters without their prior consent. 

In line with this, the group of online criminals involved in the alleged attack posted more than a million user records online as proof. 

LinkedIn management, however, denied that their systems got under attack by malevolent forces and decided to downplay the situation. Per their official announcement, they have detailed that a big data scraping incident took place instead of a wide-reaching hacking attack. They added that the information purportedly collected by hacking groups was already available for the public’s viewing on their platform and other online sites. 

Yet, they stressed that the data scraping practice performed by online hackers was against LinkedIn’s terms. Though the company trivialized the severity of the situation, security experts have argued that the data gathered from users are still deemed usable for online fraud activities. 

They added that victims may still find themselves vulnerable to attacks as a result of the overreaching data scraping incident. 

This latest incident is separate from an earlier data breach attack against LinkedIn, to which the company admitted that hackers were able to surpass their security measures and were able to take away the personal data of more than 500 million site users. 

As of writing, the company is not facing any legal challenges in relation to the succeeding data breach events.  

About The Company

LinkedIn is a professional social media networking platform dedicated to professionals of all ages and backgrounds. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to become the world’s preferred professional networking hub wherein CEOs and other company employees are allowed to communicate, connect, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. LinkedIn is currently headed by their top official, Ryan Roslansky. 

Editor’s Note on LinkedIn Data Breach 2021 – 700 Million Users’ Private Data Made Public: 

This report discusses the alleged second attack against LinkedIn, which reportedly affected more than 700 million users worldwide. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): LinkedIn 700 Million Users Data Breach Incident 

Products/Services Involved: Users’ Private Data

Allegation(s): LinkedIn’s system was hijacked by hackers, which gathered personal data from the site’s 700 million users. 

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