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Elekta Data Breach April 2021 Class Action Lawsuit - Health Patients Exposed To Hackers, Personal Data Stolen...

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Elekta Data Breach April 2021 Class Action Lawsuit – Health Patients Exposed To Hackers, Personal Data Stolen…

Elekta April 2021 Data Breach Faces Class Action

Elekta, Inc., a provider of radiology data services, is facing a proposed class action in connection with an April 2021 Data Breach that affected the personal information of hundreds of thousands of its clients’ patients.

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Elekta Failed to Safeguard Cloud-Based Data

According to the case, Elekta, which provides healthcare providers with a cloud-based data storage platform, failed to take adequate measures to protect the sensitive data entrusted to it and “carelessly and negligently” allowed the information—which included patients’ names, birth date, health insurance information, Social Security numbers, medical record numbers, and clinical information, revealed in an April 2021 Data Breach.

The Elekta Data Breach April 2021 Class Action Lawsuit asserts that the breach, which occurred from April 2 to 20, 2021, and resulted in cybercriminals gaining access to Elekta’s systems and deleting and/or encrypting the company’s files, was a direct result of Elekta’s failure to establish proper cybersecurity protocols.

If the defendant had implemented and maintained adequate security measures to protect medical patients’ Sensitive Information, the complaint contends, the Plaintiff’s and Class Members’ Sensitive Information would not have been compromised to unauthorized access or theft, and they would have suffered any harm.

As a result of the breach, patients whose data was stolen stand an increased risk of fraud and identity theft, according to the lawsuit.

Deborah Harrington v. Elekta, Inc.

Plaintiff Deborah Harrington, a resident of Oak Park, Illinois, claims to be a former patient of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, a client of Elekta’s that stored the plaintiff’s and other patients’ confidential information on the defendant’s electronic database.

According to the Elekta Data Breach April 2021 Class Action Lawsuit, Elekta’s failure to safeguard the information under its control resulted in the ransomware attack gaining access to the personal data of approximately 201,196 Northwestern Memorial HealthCare patients.

Despite acknowledging that data breaches occur all too frequently in its industry and promising that patient data protection is a top priority, Elekta allegedly failed to implement appropriate security systems, monitor its systems for cyber intrusions, and ensure that anyone with access to its large volumes of patient information followed reasonable security procedures.

The complaint seeks to represent individuals whose sensitive information housed on Elekta’s databases or systems was compromised as an outcome of the data breach.

Editor’s Note on Elekta Data Breach April 2021 Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit filed against Elekta Inc. following the April 2021 data breach. Another similar article we suggest you read is the Neiman Marcus Data Breach. 

Case Name & No.: Deborah Harrington v. Elekta, Inc., Case No. 1:21-cv-03997-SDG

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division

Allegations: Elekta allegedly failed to safeguard its clients’ patients personal information

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