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California Pizza Kitchen Data Breach

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California Pizza Kitchen Data Breach – Current & Ex Employees’ Personal Data Stolen…

California Pizza Kitchen Falls Victim To Data Breach Hacking 

Los Angeles-based pizzeria chain company California Pizza Kitchen has announced that it has been recently hit with a massive data breach incident affecting its current and ex-employees. 

Data Breach Affects Current And Ex-Workers

According to the latest reports, it is said that the California-style pizza business has found out about the data breach hacking in mid-September of 2021. 

California Pizza Kitchen shared that it worked with experts straight away upon the discovery of the purported data hacking incident to secure its server environment. 

Nevertheless, it is reported that more than a hundred thousand present and former company workers’ private personal information have been illegally accessed and exposed by unauthorized agents. 

Further, IT professionals have been able to point out via an investigation that a myriad of sensitive data has been affected by the data breach ranging from names to Social Security details.

An official document forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Maine has confirmed the existence of the data breach incident. 

Company Promises Perks To Those Affected By The Data Hacking

On its end, California Pizza Kitchen has detailed that it has taken the necessary measures to swiftly control the grave situation and notify the victims of the unfortunate happening. It added that its management is taking on a variety of changes to prevent a similar event from attacking its servers in the future. 

It also pledged to provide complementary security service tools such as credit monitoring for a year to those whose personal information had been compromised in the data breach incident. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to report on data breach news as soon as they are shared with the public.

Editor’s Note on California Pizza Kitchen Data Breach: 

This report aims to share the details surrounding the data breach incident that affected employees of California Pizza Kitchen. We also suggest you the MGM Resorts Data Breach.

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