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Ally Bank Data Breach Class Action 2021 - Customers Claim Ally Is Responsible For The Hacking Incident

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Ally Bank Data Breach Class Action 2021 – Customers Claim Ally Is Responsible For The Hacking Incident…

Ally Bank Is The One To Be Blamed For The Data Breach It Experienced In Early 2021 

Digital financial services company Ally Bank is accused of being solely responsible for a data breach incident in 2021 that affected its customers after third-party players obtained clients’ usernames and password information over their official website. 

Ally Bank Data Breach Class Action Litigation Explained 

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The Ally Bank Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit seeks to take Ally Bank to court for alleged management negligence and other charges.

Filed in a court in New York, complainant David De Medicis contended that the data breach incident Ally Bank has experienced in early 2021 is due to their own fault. 

Handed with a notification letter detailing the whole ordeal, De Medicis shared that Ally Bank inadvertently allowed online hackers to access countless clients’ usernames and passwords via a programming code loophole. In addition to that, Ally Bank has shared how he and other customers may take the necessary steps to protect themselves from possible identity theft incidents. 

Complainant De Medicis has shown his frustration in the situation via the class action filing. He argued that Ally Bank should have checked their program and upheld the highest standards of security for their customers’ best interests. 

The class action even accused Ally Bank of delaying the announcement of the said data breach incident for weeks. Affected clients were only informed of the event after two months of the data breach.

Class Action Brief Information 

Ally Bank is officially facing a slew of charges in relation to the data breach incident and the subsequent actions concerning the said event. They include breach of implied contract and negligence. 

The Ally Bank Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit also retorted that the bank violated Virginia’s Personal Information Breach Notification Act. 

The plaintiff is also asking the court to allow the formation of a Class group consisting of any Ally Bank client in the United States whose username and password information was exposed in the data breach incident. 

About Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a Utah digital financial services business under its parent company Ally Financial. Founded in 2009, Ally Bank has a variety of financial products and services ranging from deposits to loans. The company is well-known for its convenience and how it is readily available and accessible for mobile and desktop users. 

Editor’s Note on Ally Bank Data Breach Class Action 2021: 

This class action feature briefly details the litigation filed against Ally Bank after its customers fell victims to a recent data breach incident wherein their username and password information was allegedly stolen by unauthorized parties. Recently, Ally also agreed upon a settlement worth $787.5 million over repossession class action

Case Name(s) & No.: David De Medicis, et al. v. Ally Bank, et al.; Case No.: 7:21-cv-06799

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of New York

Products/Services Involved: Customers’ private data

Allegation(s): Ally Bank did not take the necessary steps to prevent a data breach incident from hitting them and affecting their customer base. 

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