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New Trend: YouTube Influencers Marketing Unhealthy Foods Consider The Consumer

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New Trend: YouTube Influencers Marketing Unhealthy Foods

Young Influencers on YouTube Are Marketing Unhealthy Foods, According To Study

YouTube child influencers are advertising junk food and sugary beverages to fellow kids, and although the marketing is very subdued, they are seen to have far-reaching consequences, as reported in a new research study published in the Pediatrics journal.

Parents have always tried starting their children on eating healthy foods, controlling any indulgences on junk food.

A new study from New York University has found a way that children can be manipulated to go unhealthy. It also shows how marketers are exploiting alternative ways to advertise their products to kids.

The study had a few variables taken into consideration.

It included viewing five of the most-watched child influencers on YouTube in 2019, between the ages of 3 and 14. They also noted whether the Youtubers were doing anything, along with eating any type of food, and they kept tabs on how long the influencers spent on each activity.

As for the results, children who are YouTube influencers usually popularize junk food and drinks and motivates their young viewership to emulate them.

Parents often keep track of what their children do or eat, but the study suggested they should also keep watch on what they also view.

Children’s diets can have a significant effect on whether they will be obese or if they will have heart problems when they become adults, according to research. As TV was the popular option for kids before the internet boomed, businesses have turned their sights now on social media, which includes YouTube.

A part of the study focused on how YouTube influencers under the age of 18 are seen to market products directly in their channels, and kids are taking notes.

This scenario holds true this pandemic as parents are allowing more screen time for children just to keep them under control as more people have worked at home.

90 percent of the food and drinks on the videos they viewed on the research were all unhealthy choices, and fast food was near the top of the list. Any healthy food options were only seen in five percent of the videos that were viewed for the study.

These results were very disconcerting because of how many people viewed these videos. The combined views on all videos total to nearly 50 billion views, with the influencers having more than 30 million subscribers.

With those numbers, there’s no doubt that young influencers can motivate people on what they’d like to eat or drink.

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