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What To Know About Casino Gambling Apps In 2021?

The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted everybody’s face-to-face close contact communication with one another. This led to companies taking over this dire need that has presented itself at a time like this. 

Online shopping has surged, and many people have made use of different types of online services similar to them in order to continue shopping for their needs. 

Video conferencing companies have also taken advantage of the situation by offering useful features to make sure remote work is possible for all members of a business entity. 

Nevertheless, the number of online gamers has also increased during this time.

With too much time with their hands cooped in their homer after government-mandated stay-at-home orders, they have decided to make use of virtual platforms to pass the time. 

An application that has seen a significant increase in their users are gambling applications. But what are these applications anyways?

Gambling applications are mobile applications that you can download to your smartphone to access services that are akin to those found at a traditional casino. 

Services include slot machines, poker games, etc., that were once easily and readily accessible before COVID-19 hit the globe. 

With the limitations in business operations in the name of public health and safety, accessing them by going to your local casino can be a lot more troublesome, ergo the rise of the use of online gambling casino apps. 

They are free to download and use by the player. However, they will offer different in-app purchases in order to access additional premium features of what the application can offer. 

In-app purchases may include virtual currency that one can use while playing the game. 

With that being said, the question of their legality is yet to be answered clearly. 

Per different state-level regulations, casino gambling apps may be deemed as an illegal service because the in-app purchases they offer to a user can be akin to actual money being bet and used in an actual casino game; thus, they must be covered and ruled by regulations. 

This issue of legality has been taken to court in the past before. Companies and mobile developers have been in hot water for allegedly breaking the law with their casino apps. 

Just recently, Apple has become the latest company to be slapped with a class action lawsuit involving the casino gambling app that it has in its App Store. 

The class action alleges that Apple has knowingly profited from the in-app purchases made by users of casino gambling apps that are available in their mobile application store platform. 

The latest class action is seeking to have a nationwide Class be certified by the court in order to cover all of the similarly situated individuals and represent them in the case in court. 

Editor’s Note on What To Know About Casino Gambling Apps:

This article aims to give you a quick rundown of what online gambling casinos are and the legal limbo that they are in per the laws and regulations set up as of press time. 

If you firmly believe that you have fallen victim to the use of any casino gambling app and its illegal operations, feel free to reach out to use here at Consider The Consumer through our official communication channels below. 

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