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Baltimore Real Estate Developer Accuses Wells Fargo of Discriminatory Behavior

Wells Fargo Discrimination Lawsuit

A local Baltimore-based real estate developer has accused Wells Fargo of discrimination after they tried to deposit a check on their existing bank account. As such, a Wells Fargo Discrimination Lawsuit has been filed.

The incident stemmed when Ernst Valery, a well-known real estate developer, tried to deposit a check that he received from the State of Maryland at a local Wells Fargo bank branch. Amounting to three million dollars, the check was a result of a historic tax credit awarded to Valery for a local development project the real estate developer lead and accomplished, shares an article appearing on the website 

The same article narrates that Valery had gone to the nearest Wells Fargo branch in his area to deposit the check in their joint account. However, things turned sour when the branch manager, instead of accepting the check and facilitating the transaction, has bombarded them with a series of questions that questioned Valery’s integrity. The manager even ‘affirmatively suggested he was not the type of person who should be allowed to possess proceeds in such an amount,’ adds the same article.

Though Valery has remained calm throughout the conversation, the local Wells Fargo branch bank manager still ended up denying the transaction. 

Ernst Valery is the complete and perfect representation of the American dream. Immigrating to the United States at a very young age, Valery has gone through it all and was able to establish himself in the real estate industry.  

Editor’s note on Wells Fargo’s Discriminatory Behavior:

This news feature is created to inform of the latest incident of alleged racism purported by Wells Fargo and their staff members. If you have any questions or queries regarding this piece of news and its updates, feel free to send us a message via button below! We’d love to hear from you. 

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