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Walmart CEO Urges Congress to Get a Stimulus Deal Done Soon Consider The Consumer

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Walmart CEO Urges Congress to Get a Stimulus Deal Done Soon

Where Are We On The Stimulus Deal?

Last Thursday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon asked congressional leads to quickly secure a stimulus deal to aid families and small businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the agreements of the lawmakers on both sides, McMillon added that it’s time to reach an agreement.

“For both sides, I think what they need to keep in mind is that there are Americans that need them that don’t really care about politics, aren’t really tied up in this election, and they just need some help,” he explained. “Doing nothing is not the first and best option.”

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Americans Continue to Suffer

As of this time, Democrats and Republicans weren’t able to settle on the terms of a new stimulus deal. After Democrats backed a $2.2 trillion measure with a deal that would be worth $1.6 trillion, the Republicans stopped it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added that “measures offered by the GOP fall “significantly” short of what Americans need.”

Thus, McMillon announced that Congress should agree to a measure soon. Upon taking into consideration the consumers’ shopping behaviors, Walmart found that many families are still suffering under the impact of the pandemic.

“Not everyone’s in the same camp,” he added. “There are people that are still at home, who are spending money on their home and doing things to redecorate and those kinds of things. But there are other people that are struggling paycheck to paycheck – if they have a paycheck – and so many people are unemployed that we’re seeing that pressure as well.”

Meanwhile, the Senate was said to be planning to vote on a coronavirus aid package this month. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) claims that the Republican-favored deal consists of the following:

  • $300 billion in aid for state and local governments
  • $400 per week in extra unemployment benefits until January
  • Direct payments of up to $1,200 for adults and $1,000 per child
  • Liability protections for businesses.

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