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Verizon Offers Apple Music With Unlimited Plans Consider The Consumer

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Verizon Offers Apple Music With Unlimited Plans

News has made the rounds and it has been reported that starting soon Verizon offers Apple Music with Unlimited Plans, starting today! Verizon decided to expand its partnership with the streaming service because its original free trial offer went over well with customers, said Angie Klein, Verizon’s vice president of marketing.

Klein goes on to state that, “When we introduced six months free of Apple Music to Verizon Unlimited subscribers, we said it was just the beginning of a great collaboration between Verizon and Apple to bring music streaming to our loyal customers…”, “Our customers loved the offer, so we’re expanding the value of our Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans by including Apple Music at the same plan price. You can stream more of the music you love on the network you deserve.”

Consumer Affairs states that the free Apple Music offer is available to customers paying for the two more expensive Unlimited plans: Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited. For Go Unlimited customers, the six-month trial will still available.

Apple Music is still aiming to catch up to competing for streaming services, such as Spotify.

As of May 2018, Apple Music had more than 50 million members (both paying and free-trial), Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Bloomberg last summer. As of September, Spotify had 87 million paying customers and an additional 109 million members using the ad-supported version.

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