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Update: ‘Catalina’ Brings iPhone Apps to Your Mac

Last week, we brought you news about a new Mac operating system. Introducing the ‘Catalina,’ an upgrade to the macOS. Read last week’s article here:

Mac users will be getting a new operating system from Apple this year with a variety of apps they currently have on their iPhones.

It’s one of the innovations that analysts and developers can expect to learn about this coming week at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The conference begins Monday in San Jose.

In addition to the new macOS, iPhone users can expect to see a new version of iOS that will debut later this year. The new iOS will improve on performance, mostly, although there will be a few flashy new features iPhone users come to expect with each upgrade.

WWDC isn’t a place where Apple typically introduces a lot of new hardware, but this year consumers will see the new Mac Pro, a desktop with the graphic designing professional in mind.

The name of the new 10.15 macOS hasn’t been revealed, but in the past, Apple used the names of California locations, including Yosemite and Mojave.

Consumers can also look forward to new apps through an initiative called Marzipan. This initiative makes it easier for Apple’s iOS developers to bring their apps to macOS.

Apollo developer Christian Selig, says the new initiative helps to “remove the complexity and difficulty [which] is going to make such a big difference” when it comes to adapting an iOS app for Apple computers.

A handful of new additions will make the operating system just what consumers have been asking for, including a Dark Mode that makes it easier to read your iPhone or iPad in dim lighting.

Over the last few weeks Apple has been releasing new hardware, including new iPodTouch and new MacBook Pro laptops.

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