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Introducing The Uber Rewards Program Throughout The United States

The Uber Rewards Program has expanded its availability to all riders in the U.S. following its initial introduction in nine cities last November. The program allows riders to earn credit for every dollar spent on Uber and Uber Eats. Every single dollar spent helps riders rank more highly, as the loyalty program offers three membership levels: blue, gold, platinum, and diamond.

In short, Uber Users would get a $5 credit for every 500 points earned regardless of membership level. Other perks that can be earned along the way include priority airport pickup, flexible cancellations, price protections, and more.

“For those moments when you thought you were ready to go but actually needed more time, you can cancel and rebook an eligible Uber trip within 15 minutes and have the cancellation fee refunded,” Uber said.

Upgrades and Other Incentives

When a rider reaches the Diamond level, after 7500 points have been earned, riders get highly rated drivers and “complimentary surprise upgrades.” TBD what that is, we guess.

Lyft claims to be setting up a similar rewards program as well, however, that is yet to be launched, or spoken about on a large level. Furthermore, Uber Riders are able to sign up for Uber’s rewards program online or through the Uber app. Upon joining, Uber will count every eligible dollar spent on Uber and Uber Eats in the last six months.

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