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Protecting Oneself Online Through Two-factor Authentication – Easy Ways To Enable 2FA

Protecting oneself in this ever-so-growing interconnected world is one of the most important tasks a person should undertake, no questions asked.

With more and more cybersecurity attacks popping up intending to harm one’s personal safety and privacy, there are a few steps one can take (FOR FREE) in order to keep oneself safe and protected from these acts aimed to compromise one’s privacy. 

Two-factor authentication is one of the most popular ways one can protect themselves in this ever-so-growing digital world.

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is an added layer of protection many digital devices and service providers use to ensure a user’s protection.

It goes beyond the traditional requirement of asking to provide a username and password in order to be given access to a certain site, account, or service. 

A two-factor authentication is a form of multi-factor authentication wherein it follows a prime premise – access can only be granted after the successful presentation of two or more shreds of evidence to support the user’s identity.

A device or service will ask and look for factors that would support or show knowledge, possession, and inherence. 

A prime example of this is whenever you log-in on your social media account or e-mail, you may receive a text message containing a code that you need to input before being directed to the account or service.

Experts explain that the username and password are a primary source of identification, and the code serves as the secondary source of ID that would be used to verify the identity and integrity of the user. 

They agree that two-factor authentication may be inadequate regarding how much hackers and scammers have grown smarter with their data phishing attempts and schemes.

Yet, they still believe that a properly set up 2FA method can provide an ample amount of protection to the everyday digital user. 

We here at Consider The Consumer have listed down a few of them that you can use. Check them out below:

1. Having a 2FA SMS alert is the easiest way to protect oneself. 

This is one of the most familiar and easiest forms of two-factor authentication models out there today.

You only need to provide a mobile phone number, and then you would be able to receive text messages notifying you of additional keys or passcodes before you are provided access to your account.

Nevertheless, experts argue that this may lead to a doorway to you receiving unsolicited marketing messages from companies after they have obtained your personal number.

It is best for you to check each company’s terms and conditions before handing over your phone number.

If you happen to receive unsolicited messages or phone calls from them trying to market a product or service to you, kindly assert that they have your number included in their internal Do Not Call registry. 

2. You can install third-party mobile applications to provide an added layer of protection.

There are other third-party applications available to download, which provide much-needed functionality to ensure your privacy and security.

Apps like Google Authenticator and Google Prompt are available for you to use. 

3. There are companies that offer physical keys that would give you access to your digital accounts. 

Think of it as having a physical key that you would use in order to open up a door to your digital account or service.

This key is a physical object that you can keep in order to ensure that your information is safe and sound. It is also readily available, and consumers can avail of one for as low as $25. 

Editor’s Note on Protecting Oneself Online Through Two-factor Authentication:

This feature is published to inform you of the latest tips you can take in order to protect yourself online via two-factor authentication methods. 

What are your thoughts on this piece? Have you tried them out yet?

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