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Trump Re-election Refund Accounting To More Than $120 Million! – Are You Affected?

Trump Donors Hit With Hidden Charges, Returned Refunds Of  $122M

Donors of the recent Trump re-election campaign who reportedly racked up enormous charges on their banks and credit cards are now able to receive refunds. 

Many who decided to support the recent bid to re-elect Trump to the White House by donating money reportedly ended up receiving many hidden charges that added up to their initial donation amount. 

According to reports, some received bills that were ten times as much as their initial donation amount. 

A retired Californian who donated $990 to the Trump campaign, who shared their experience to the members of the media, ended up being hit with a bill of almost $8,000. 

According to investigations, the Trump campaign management may have directed unknowing donors to hidden additional charges. 

Trump donors were presented with a long fine print where it contained provisions of recurring weekly contributions and a so-called “money bomb” condition wherein it automatically doubles the amount donated. 

These two led to many Trump donors end up accumulating bills and charges that they have not foreseen. 

These aforementioned provisions are tucked deep in the fine print to which a donor is expected to comb through and manually untick these options. 

Banks and credit card companies ended up getting flooded with complaints and calls regarding refunds from surprised and disgruntled customers who donated in the Trump re-election campaign. 

A report from the New York Times tags the Trump Re-election Campaign Donation Refund as one of the biggest the United States has seen – more than $122 million were refunded to complainants. 

There are no class action lawsuits filed yet concerning the whole Trump Re-election Campaign Donation Refund fiasco. 

Did you also donate to the recent Trump election campaign? 

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Editor’s Note on Trump Re-election Refund Accounting To More Than $120 Million!: 

This feature article reports on the hidden charges issued on many Trump donors after they donated their money on the recent Trump re-election campaign. 

Many people reportedly got charged almost ten times their initial donation due to hidden provisions in the fine print that were presented to them when they signed up for the donation drive. 

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Allegation(s): The Trump re-election campaign allegedly directed unknowing donors to accumulate large bills on top of their initial donation amount, which caused some of them to incur thousands of dollars on bills. 

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