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Trump Administration Suspends Comments On New Airline Ticket Pricing

Consumer Affairs reports the following:

If you have a comment about airline pricing, keep it to yourself. The Trump Administration has stopped collecting comments about a couple of left-over Obama Administration proposals about how airline fees are disclosed to consumers.

One proposal, dealing with how airlines market fares, had generated more than 56,000 comments. The other, dealing with how baggage fees are disclosed, had only generated 49.

The Transportation Department last week announced it was suspending the comment periods to “allow the president’s appointees the opportunity to review and consider this action.”

Airlines thus join automakers, energy companies, and Wall Street — all have been looking for rollbacks on policies implemented during Obama’s tenure.

New system

Airlines have been experimenting with a new system that would make it easier for them to display all the pricing options available, something that’s hard to do in today’s systems. Travel agents and comparison sites have argued that they should have full access to the new airline systems, freeing them from the 1960s-era systems they now use.

The airlines argue that the government shouldn’t tell them now to run their business and have said their system will be better for consumers once it is fully operational.

A group representing travel agents expressed disappointment with the decision.

“Consumers deserve transparency in fare and schedule information and ancillary fees,” said Steve Shur, president of the Travel Technology Association.

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