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Travis Kalanick Will Not Return as Uber's CEO Consider The Consumer

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Amongst Rumors, Travis Kalanick Will Not Return as Uber’s CEO

For the last few days, every single morning briefing I’ve read (makes you sound important, doesn’t it?) has mentioned Mr. Travis Kalanick returning as Uber’s CEO in a Steve Jobs-esque return to front the company and bring it back to stardom. From a few sources, though, we have learned that Kalanick may have actually started these rumors himself. So, in short, Travis Kalanick will not return as Uber’s CEO.

With this being said, Uber is still trying to find a replacement for the role, and Recode reports that they have come down to their last few candidates – four, to be exact.

Garrett Camp, an Uber board member whose name nobody really knew until this news broke, is working hard to dispel these return rumors, writing an e-mail to Uber employees, explaining to them that Kalanick will not be back.  The full email is below:


I’ve spent a lot of time focused on Uber these past few months, talking to employees in product and engineering and helping wherever I can. Last week I joined a product leadership all hands, and several questions were about the CEO search and confusion around the process.

Our CEO search is the board’s top priority. It’s time for a new chapter, and the right leader for our next phase o growth. Despite rumors I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, Travis is not returning as CEO. We are committed to hiring a new world-class CEO to lead Uber.

Uber must evolve and mature as we improve our culture and practices, to achieve our mission of bringing mobility to everyone. We are dedicated to making Uber successful, and keeping everyone informed of our progress. Thank you for all your hard work.

Travis Kalanick took his leave of absence in mid-June after an internal investigation heavily criticized the company’s cutthroat business culture (ex: Singapore car fires, Trump’s airport pickups, and a whole lot of sexual harassment accusations). About a week later, Kalanick officially stepped down as CEO.

As the Uber saga continues to move along (insert Uber Black Car pun here), we sit and wait to see who they request to pick up as their new CEO.

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