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6 Tips to Beat Indoor Air Pollution in Your Home

Use These Tips to Beat Indoor Air Pollution

It’s not rocket science that being at home is like being at the safest place on Earth. However, we may not be aware of it but several pollutants can take away the comfort that we’re enjoying, especially air pollution. 

“A lot of things come into our homes on our clothing, including pollen and cat allergens,” Elliott Horner, Ph.D., lead scientist for UL Environment (Underwriters Laboratories) revealed. According to him, some pollutants even came inside the house. These can come from your pet, a burnt toast, and even the smoke from your kitchen. 

To reduce the indoor air pollution, here are some tips you can do:

  1. Ventilate

An air that couldn’t get out of your home may turn out to be one of the key factors in having indoor air pollution. Open your windows and let an adequate exchange of indoor and outdoor air.

  1. Say No To Smoking

“Absolutely no cigarette smoke,” stated Norman Edelman, MD, senior scientific adviser for the American Lung Association. Did you know that secondhand smoking affects one’s respiratory health? In fact, this is the main culprit for around 3,000 lung cancer deaths per year in nonsmokers,  said the Environmental Protection Agency.

  1. Bathe Your Pets

Regularly bathing your pets and washing their bedding will help reduce allergy-causing dander. Although we love our pets so much, it’s also best to keep them away from your bedrooms.

  1. Utilize Exhaust Fans 

To reduce the fumes in your kitchen or bathroom, make use of exhaust fans. 

  1. Use Doormats

Having something where you can wipe your shoes before going inside the house can also help in removing pollutants. In fact, most Asian households have been practicing a shoes-off policy in their homes. Wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

  1. Regularly Change Your Filters

A regular change of air filters in a forced-air heating and cooling system can also help to reduce smoke or pollen in the air. Change the air filters more often when there’s more smoke or pollen in the air.  

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