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TikTok Privacy Settlement For $92 Million Requested To Be Stopped By 959 TikTok Users

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TikTok Privacy Settlement For $92 Million Requested To Be Stopped By 959 TikTok Users…

959 Users Request Judge To Stop TikTok Settlement

A group of TikTok users, comprising 959 individuals, ask a federal judge to halt a TikTok settlement amounting to $92 million.

Settlement Exclusion

The $92 million settlement that the video-sharing social networking service TikTok will pay is due to a class action lawsuit charged against the company for allegedly violating its users’ privacy by collecting their biometric data.

Hundreds of TikTok users would want to be excluded from a class action settlement that the company will payout.

The group requests a judge to block the settlement since it will prevent them from asking for a separate arbitration.

The group is requesting the judge to change the proposed settlement or reject it. By doing so, the group of users aiming to file for a separate arbitration can be excluded from this settlement.

Once the settlement is rejected, the exclusion can be done automatically. It can also be manually done by the users, by filing a request online or through their lawyers.

Arbitration Request

Arbitration is a process wherein two parties need to discuss both sides while a neutral arbitrator or third party will decide about the terms the two parties did not agree with.

The arbitrator’s decision will be based on the evidence and arguments given by both parties.

The two parties must agree to respect the arbitrator’s decision, which allows them to avoid going through court to reach an agreement.

Most of the time, the arbitrator’s decision is final and will not be changed even if both parties decide to go through court.

Some companies use the arbitration process to prevent and reject class action lawsuits early on without reaching court.

However, this can also benefit individuals requesting it, especially if they believe that the arbitrator may likely side with them.

The 959 users would like to request a separation arbitration with TikTok.

The proposed settlement states that if class members want to be excluded from it, they will need to opt-out individually by submitting a request via mail.

The group of users who are requesting to halt the settlement believes that the terms prevent individuals from claiming arbitration. They add that the process steals the rights of individuals to object.

While the representatives of those who filed the class action lawsuit state that the group could not interfere with their settlement since they do not want to be included.

Settlement Updates

In March 2021, US District Judge John Lee declared that the settlement lacked enough information to discuss why it reached $92 million.

The judge asserts that the approved class consisted of 89 million individuals. He initially rejected the proposed settlement.

The proposed settlement aims to resolve 21 class action lawsuits filed against TikTok. These lawsuits allege that the company breached the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by not informing its users that their biometric information is being stored.

Editor’s Note:

This article is published to inform you of the latest updates on the proposed settlement TikTok will potentially pay to resolve privacy claims.

Case Name & No.: TikTok Inc. Consumer Privacy Litigation, 1:20-cv-04699, US District Court of Illinois
Products/Services: TikTok users’ privacy
Allegations: TikTok allegedly infringed its users’ privacy by collecting biometric information without their consent.
Status: Pending

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