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Tianeptine Deadly Drug Widely Available In USA

Reports About Illegal Dietary Supplement Sold in America, Claims FDA Has Full Knowledge

News about Tianeptine first came about in 2016.

An addiction treatment specialist was watching patients across central Michigan when he found people who were showing up in court glassy-eyed and were slurring their words but passed their drug tests.

He was told then that tianeptine, a drug that wasn’t approved in the US and was open to abuse. It was easily bought online and resold on the street. It was found to have similar effects to opioids: dulling pain and euphoria.

But the opioid crisis enabled crackdowns on the sale and inappropriate prescription of fentanyl and oxycodone, which prompted tianeptine to be the alternative. It’s cheap and easy to get, and the Food and Drug Administration clarified that the sales are illegal.

But tianeptine has filled a void, much like kratom, an ingredient in supplements that also has opioid-like effects and is linked to numerous deaths. Both have their share of people backing them up, saying they have helped people with certain medical issues.

There are also companies who are looking to seek approval from the FDA to approve tianeptine as a prescription drug for depression.

There are also businesses that are investigating the possibility of tianeptine being approved as a legal drug, but there are already illegal supplements that use it as an ingredient and are widely available.

The FDA has tried to warn manufacturers and consumers, but they have fallen short of the goal.

Poison control centers reported tianeptine-related calls have jumped up recently, from 27 in the past decade to over 883 since 2015. According to research, four people have died, and over 24 people were hospitalized or have experienced adverse effects.

Stablon Tianeptine

There have been some incidents that were never reported, so they expect the numbers to be higher. But it reveals that the FDA is aware of dozens more deaths and incidents outside the country.

There have been several incidents reported about tianeptine, and as early as 2015, according to the FDA, companies were already importing the drug into the country. Supplements such as Tianaa and Za Za came out in the market soon after.

In 2017, Michigan started an investigation after a few deaths related to tianeptine, finding that it was worse than heroin.

A bill was passed to list tianeptine as a Schedule II controlled substance, which would be controlled and regulated similarly to opioids once the FDA approves it as a prescription drug.

Although the rest of the country needs to follow soon as local Michigan tianeptine dealers have already closed shop and maybe looking for a new location.

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