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Shoppers, Rejoice! Target Deal Days Announced; October 13-14

Get Ready for the Target Deal Days 

Recently, Target confirmed that its Target Deal Days will be on October 13 and 14. Target Deal Days is the retailer’s pre-holiday sale of thousands of products that can be bought online. However, this date is also the date set by Amazon for its annual Prime Day sales event, which has been delayed from its usual time in July.

It is typically usual to have two retailers conducting online sales on the same days. In fact, this is good news for consumers who have the option to compare prices, availability, and delivery options on both platforms.

Furthermore, the reason why Amazon moved their usual Prime Day back this year was because the operation of most businesses have been affected by the pandemic.

A Great Time for Shoppers

Target also announced that it will be featuring around 1 million more deals compared to last year.

“This year, in a holiday season unlike any other, we know it’s more important than ever for our guests to get great deals in a convenient and safe shopping environment,” said Christina Hennington, executive vice president, and chief merchandising officer, Target. “We’re letting guests know they don’t need to wait or face the crowds to get the best deals, all with no membership fees required.”

This initiative of Target is made to urge shoppers to sign up for its Target Circle loyalty program. This program will allow shoppers to have access to the best deals. Furthermore, they announced that all the deals will be available on both days, providing the customers more time to shop.

Due to the pressing problems about availability and delivery, the retailer also encourages shoppers to use the retailer’s contactless drive up and order pickup service. During these Target Deal Days, Shipt will provide same-day delivery services in the increased number of items.

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