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Taco Bell Kit Kat and Twix Quesadilla Consider The Consumer

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The Taco Bell Kit Kat and Twix Quesadilla Is Here. Yay?

I feel as if I ask myself this very same question every month, but here we are yet again – Has Taco Bell hit a new low? In the quasi-Mexican chain’s most recent news, they have revealed the new Taco Bell Kit Kat and Twix Quesadillas.

Let’s get real. I understand that you can’t expect too much out of the same people that gave us the Pop Rocks Burrito and the Fried Egg Breakfast Taco, but this idea is a little much.

My main concern is why they’re roping this in with the quesadilla.

I don’t want a tortilla surrounding a Twix, ever.

Collaborate with the Cinnamon Twists, by all means, go nuts! But leave the quesadilla–quite possibly the most basic, most perfect food of all time, that just continues to win and win and win–out of this.

People love Twix. People love Kit Kats. People (me) love quesadillas. But people also loved The Beatles, my parents, and The XFL, but not all things are fit to go together. A lot of times great things are meant to be had on their own, and too much of a good thing can spoil the beauty within.

Keep it simple, Taco Bell. Keep it simple.

…Okay. A review will come shortly because I absolutely have to try this thing. Stay tuned. Dammit.

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