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10 Surprisingly Salty Foods; Help Monitor Your Sodium Intake

If you’re somebody who is trying to monitor your sodium, you’re definitely not alone. Tons of people across the world are limiting their sodium intake. This could be much easier, though, when you realize that almost half the sodium in the American diet comes from just 10 foods. Some of these foods, like pizza, various cheeses, and salty snacks are an obvious tell, but much of the time sodium tends to hide where you least expect it. For example, bread, chicken, and a ton of egg dishes are on the top 10 list, as well. For your convenience, below is a picture chart of surprisingly salty foods you should avoid!

Remember, the maximum daily recommended intake of sodium is 2,300 mg. You may be surprised by how easily sneaky sodium sources can add up. A Bruegger’s whole-wheat bagel, for example, contains 620 mg of sodium. Here are a few other salty foods that pack more sodium than you might realize, per Consumer Reports:

A chart of 9 surprisingly salty foods

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