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Stricter Regulations on Glass Tables Consider The Consumer

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We Need Stricter Regulations on Glass Tables! Demands New Study.

Why We Need Stricter Regulations for Glass Tables

A study conducted by Rutgers University revealed that numerous consumers suffer severe injuries because of glass tables. According to the report, despite the use of tempered glass as standard material in creating doors, regulations for tables are less strict. Thus, the injuries being sustained are more serious with untempered glass.

With this study, the researchers encourage changes for the current regulations about glass-made items so that injuries will be prevented.

“It is imperative to push for stricter regulation as consumers of glass tables should not be incurring life-threatening trauma injuries due to neglect of manufacturers in not using tempered glass,” said researcher Stephanie Bonne. 

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The Reality

In their study, the researchers evaluated injury data from two sources: two dozen cases at a level 1 trauma center and over 3,200 cases from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. 

The data states that more than 2.5 million glass-related injuries are occurring each year. Thus, this high record of incidents are cause for concern and can affect consumers’ in numerous ways.

The data also revealed that half of all the injuries included in the study required surgery. Meanwhile, 15% were classified as severe injuries. Also, the researchers said that young kids and men were more likely to be injured.

Furthermore, the patients’ injuries vary from organ damage to minor lacerations. Sadly, 8% of all these injuries resulted in death.

Editor’s note on the New Regulations for Glass Tables:

This piece is to inform you about the study that involves Inadequate Regulations for Glass Tables. 

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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