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How To Stay Physically and Cognitively Healthy? Healthy Habits Help! Consider The Consumer

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How To Stay Physically and Cognitively Healthy? Healthy Habits Help!

Healthy Habits Help, Study Says

It’s common knowledge that having a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. However, researchers are digging deeper and are now looking into the mental and physical health benefits of these healthy habits.

A new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says that regular exercise and nutrition regimen can lead to countless positive benefits for one’s physical and cognitive health.

“Our work motivates the design of novel multimodal interventions that incorporate both aerobic fitness training and nutritional supplementation, and illustrates that their benefits extend beyond improvements in physical fitness to enhance multiple measures of cognitive function,” researcher Aron Barbey revealed.

Choosing To Be Healthy

The 12-week study involves 148 active members from the Air Force. All the participants did the same workout routine for the whole duration of the study. Meanwhile, half of this group receives a nutritional beverage daily. On the other hand, the other half only received a placebo drink with no nutritional benefits.

After the study, the researchers determined that the exercise program played a significant role in the participant’s overall health. Furthermore, the researchers noticed that the physical and mental health improved while participants gained lower resting heart rates. Also, they have a lower body fat percentage and better memory and problem-solving skills.

“The exercise intervention alone improved strength and endurance, mobility and stability, and participants also saw increases in several measures of cognitive function,” Barbey added. “They had better episodic memory and processed information more efficiently at the end of the 12 weeks. And they did better on tests that required them to solve problems they had never encountered before, an aptitude called fluid intelligence.” 

The researchers noted that the participants who exercised and consumed nutritional beverages daily received the real benefits. 

“Those who consumed the nutritional supplement saw all of these improvements and more,” Barbey stated. “For example, they were better able to retain new information in their working memory and had quicker responses on tests of fluid intelligence than those taking the placebo.”

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