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SoundCloud Offers Music Streaming Service 50% Off

It’s almost SoundCloud’s one-year-music-streaming-search-anniversary (of SoundCloud Go), and to celebrate, they’re offering a subscription that’s half the price of Spotify and Apple.

At only $4.99 – $5.99 a month (depending on if you’re an Android or iOS user), the subscription offers over 120 million streaming tracks, online listening, and no ads. Their alternative, higher priced, plan has been redubbed “SoundCloud Go+, and invites you to listen to 30 million more streaming tracks, with the option to skip or preview those tracks as well. The price for this comes at $9.99 a month for Web and Android users, while iOS users have to cough up the extra $3 per month to pay $12.99.

If you’re familiar with SoundCloud Go’s competitors, the arguably more popular Spotfiy and Apple, you may be asking why SoundCloud’s library is so much more extensive (compared to the latter’s 30 million streaming tracks). Well, that’s because any user is able to upload “music” to the service, meaning that somebody may finally come across your Jason Mraz cover.

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