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Shrimp Found In Cinnamon Cereal From General Mills Jensen Karp

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Shrimp Found In Cinnamon Cereal From General Mills – Comedian Jensen Karp Alleges…

General Mills Is Being Investigated Over Their Cinnamon Cereal

General Mills is being looked into after a consumer claim that shrimp tails were found in one of its cereal.

Shrimp Tails On Cereals

News broke out that 41-year-old comedian, Jensen Karp, found shrimp tails on his General Mills cereal.

The particular cereal being questioned is General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Jensen Karp asserts that he regularly consumes the cereal variant made by the company. 

He adds that he was about to get his second filling of the cereal in March 2021. 

However, he was surprised to see a shrimp tail fall out from the cereal box. He further states that another shrimp tail was visible when he looked into the cereal bag.

Jensen Karp contends that the shrimp tails were sugar-coated. He complains that he was shocked by what happened and appalled since he has O.C.D.

Cereal Complaint

The Los Angeles writer, Jensen Karp, sent a photo to his wife, Danielle Fishel Karp, containing proof of his shrimp tail discovery.

He has also sent an email complaint to General Mills detailing his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal discovery.

Jensen Karp also posted the photo on Twitter. Soon after, General Mills has allegedly reached out to him privately.

The company has offered to give him a replacement for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. However, he declined this offer.

General Mills Statement

The company released a statement on Twitter after the incident. 

They assert that the claims were false and that there were no shrimp tails on their cereal.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch adds that they have inspected the photo that Mr. Jensen Karp sent. 

They argue that what he found was not shrimp tails but cinnamon sugar clumped together because the ingredient was not mixed well.

The company maintains that its products are safe and are not contaminated.

Jensen Karp’s Response

Jensen Karp responded to General Mill’s statement by posting on Twitter more photos about his discovery.

He declares that he tried checking the contents of the cereal box again. 

From this, he found multiple things, including a string, objects resembling shrimp skin that are coated with sugar, something resembling pistachio, and some black things attached to some cereal pieces, which he alleges as rat droppings.

Karp adds that he’s not looking into taking legal action against the company at the moment. 

However, he would like to get examined to see if there were any significant impact on his health due to consuming the cereal.

He believes that one of the cereal boxes he has bought might be contaminated since the tape is at the box’s bottom.

General Mills requested to have the bag of cereal for inspection. However, Jensen Karp refused to hand it over due to a lack of trust in the company.

On his latest Twitter update, Jensen Karp states that a Natural History Museum of Los Angeles researcher is working with him to check the alleged shrimp he has found in the cereal bag.

Editor’s Note on Shrimp Found In Cinnamon Cereal From General Mills – Comedian Jensen Karp:

This article is published to give you the latest investigation being conducted on General Mills due to claims that shrimp tail was found in their cinnamon cereal.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Have you bought Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal by General Mills? 

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