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Shopify & Ledger Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Shopify & Ledger Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021

Class Action Lawsuit: Shopify And Ledger Concealed Data 

Breach Incident And Remained Negligent Throughout The Whole Ordeal

The latest class action lawsuit argues that Shopify and Ledger have knowingly violated consumer privacy protections after both have caused and then eventually covered up a massive data breach last year that ended up compromising their customers’ personal information to evil forces. 

Ledger is a French company dealing with cryptocurrency assets, while Shopify is an online store platform. 

Plaintiffs John Chu and Edward Baton argue that both Shopify and Ledger fell victim to a data breach orchestrated by criminals to obtain customers’ personal information and later on to sell them on the black market online. 

Both Chu and Baton share that the security breach took place during the early and mid months of 2020, wherein hackers exploited a security vulnerability in Ledger and Shopify’s databases. 

The data breach ended up exposing the two companies’ customers to a heightened probability of falling victims to several attacks on their privacy, ranging from phishing emails to even threats of physical assault. 

At first, the two companies have vehemently denied any data breach incident and remained negligent of the situation. 

Online hackers sold the personal data they have obtained on the black market and later on posted them online for the whole public to see. 

Once the magnitude of the whole fiasco has been made clear, Ledger and Shopify then ended up owning up their shortcomings. 

However, it is worth noting that they did not notify affected customers of the incident and have not taken the necessary steps in ensuring their customers’ safety during the period when the data breach incident took place to the very moment when it was exposed to the public.

The Shopify And Ledger Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to form a Nationwide Class that would consist of customers affected by the data breach. 

Accusers Chu and Baton contend that both Shopify and Ledger have violated California and Georgia state business and consumer protection laws. 

They also accuse the company of violating the federal-level Declaratory Judgment Act. 

Editor’s Note on Shopify & Ledger Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This news article aims to give you the latest bit on the data breach incident that occurred and targeted Shopify and Ledger’s customer base. 

The complaint alleges that the two hid and denied the incident until its severity became really hard to conceal. 

Case Name & No.: John Chu and Edward Baton et al., v. Ledger SAS, Ledger Technologies, Shopify (USA) Inc., and Shopify INC.; Case No. 3:21-cv-02470

Jurisdiction: United States District Court Northern District of California

Products/Services Involved: Consumers’ Private Data

Allegation(s): Shopify and Ledger are negligent to the data breach incident that occurred on their database in 2020.

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