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Speak Up For Those Who Can’t: Become A Sexual Harassment Whistleblower

Beginning last October, a leaf was turned and a movement was born. #MeToo flourished, growing larger and faster than anybody could have imagined. This movement enabled people to come forward, letting the public know about their experiences with sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and beyond. Since the New York Times investigation which sparked this movement surfaced, dozens of women have come forward telling their stories against the now infamous movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Since then, many more high-profile men in media, politics, and other industries have faced allegations ranging from inappropriate behavior, to forced sexual misconduct, to rape. The part of this story that isn’t out there for all to see, and the media to cover, however, is the fact that this type of behavior does not stop at the Hollywood Hills. In workplaces across America, people in power force themselves on and belittle those ranked under them on a daily basis. I could not imagine falling victim to a predator as described above, as I’m not sure how I would react, or if I would feel comfortable doing so after succumbing to sexual harassment in the workplace. I’m writing this to assure you, however, that you may not have to. As many of these victims feel too uncomfortable or scared to speak up on their own about workplace harassment, Consider The Consumer is starting our own initiative, as we are inviting you to become a Sexual Harassment Whistleblower.

If you have information that your employer is violating laws or regulations, or if your employer is causing danger to public health and safety, you may feel obligated to report this information. If you do so, then you may be considered a whistleblower. There are many state and federal laws in place that protect whistleblowers from retaliation by their employers.  (per

We urge you all to step up and speak out for those who feel they may not be able to. Let us know about what you see, and help those around you who may not be able to help themselves. It’s quite possible that you can even receive compensation for your bravery in being a Sexual Harassment Whistleblower.

If you have a tip, story, or personal account you’d like to tell us about, please let us know as soon as possible! We can be reached via email at, or directly on our website. If you’d like to email me personally instead, I can be reached at

If you’d like any more information on how to become a Sexual Harassment Whistleblower, or more information on any of our cases, stories, or topics, please reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from all of you and doing our best to right these wrongs.

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