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Severe Injuries from Glass Tables Consider The Consumer

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Severe Injuries from Glass Tables Reported; Stricter Regulations To Come

More Widespread Use of Tempered Glass Recommended by Experts

Researchers from Rutgers University has found in their study that several consumers experience severe injuries because of glass tables. Injuries are more serious with untempered glass but while tempered glass is the standard when making doors, glass table regulations aren’t as strict.

Researchers believe that “It is imperative to push for stricter regulation as consumers of glass tables should not be incurring life-threatening trauma injuries due to neglect of manufacturers in not using tempered glass.”

Changes to current regulations regarding glass-made items are expected to occur to ensure fewer consumers will be harmed by such products.

A Serious and Life-Threatening Matter

There are over 2.5 million glass-related injuries occurring each year which makes these types of incidents a cause for concern that can affect consumers’ in countless ways.

Researchers analyzed two sources of injury data to understand how severe the injuries from untempered glass were. The data included two dozen cases at a level 1 trauma center and over 3,200 cases from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

Over half of all the injuries sustained that were involved in the study required surgery while 15 percent were classified as severe injuries. Young kids and men were found to be the most likely to receive these types of injuries.

Patients experienced everything from organ damage to minor lacerations, and eight percent of all these injuries ended in death.

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