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We’re Listening: Send Us Your Consumer Complaints

Day after day consumers are ripped off, misled, lied to, and taken advantage of. Often times this unfairness goes unpunished—crippling consumers and their rights. At Consider The Consumer, we aim to fix this problem, doing everything we can to protect consumers and defend them against fraud in the market place.  We’re asking you to send us your consumer complaints.

Our Plan

With this, we are initiating a call to action on behalf of your consumer complaints. We encourage all readers to comment, complain, and send us any remarks they have to help expand our knowledge and tighten our grasp on the world of consumer fraud. Upon receiving your submission, we will do a number of things:

1.) We will draft a story about your problem, shining light on the company and its wrongdoing.

2.) We will help you solve the problem, getting you your money back, or your problem/product fixed, etc.

3.) We will look into any possible legal action, giving you, the consumer, justice, and the wrongdoers just what they deserve.

We ask that you submit your stories to us in one of two ways. Either go to and fill out our submission request or, simply email us at

Upon receiving your consumer complaints, consumer stories, grumbles, gripes, etc., we will use our resources, and work tirelessly to fix any harm that has come your way, setting these “big companies” straight.

Consumer abuse ends here!

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