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Planned Parenthood TRO & Texas's Anti-Abortion Senate Bill 8 - Abortion Illegal After Sixth Week

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Planned Parenthood TRO & Texas’s Anti-Abortion Senate Bill 8 – Abortion Illegal After Sixth Week…

Texas Court Releases TRO Protecting Planned Parenthood From Any Legal Case Amidst Controversies Surrounding New Anti-Abortion State Law SB 8

A Texas court has issued a temporary restraining order or TRO against anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life in relation to the different class actions filed in the Lone Star State’s courts covering issues raised against newly-passed legislation making access to abortions restricted. 

Court Decision Came After Passage Of Highly Controversial SB 8 

The latest news came after Texas’ state-level legislating body has passed a highly controversial law called the Texas Senate Bill 8 or also known as SB 8. 

The law prohibits abortions done after the sixth week of pregnancy. Those who still carry on with abortion or helps somebody to get an abortion past the said time period can be sued by any individual that is not a government official. 

The District Court of Travis County, Texas, has announced the recent decision not allowing the Texas-based group Texas Right to Life to file any case against Texas’ Planned Parenthood for facilitating abortions. The court decision stated that Texas Right to Life’s action of enforcing means to abide by the law would cause probable injury and harm. 

In addition, Texas Planned Parenthood was granted immunity by the court from any legal challenges brought up by any individuals or groups associated with the anti-abortion collective. 

A Look At Texas SB 8 And How Different Groups Perceive It 

This latest news centers around Texas’s highly controversial SB 8 law and how different organizations from both ends of the ethical aisle agree to disagree. The newly passed legislation empowers any individuals or groups besides the government to sue anybody who had an abortion beyond the sixth week of pregnancy, along with the people or entities that have participated in the act. 

SB 8 does not require any litigating party to present any evidence of damages or injury in presenting a case in court against law offenders. 

Those, among other highly contentious provisions of the law, have worried many pro-choice groups in Texas, claiming that many would take advantage of the rules and will launch baseless cases for their own motivation and gain. 

Observers say that many parts of the law are up for debate and may be needed to be examined in court to determine their permissibility under Texas’s Constitution.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood is asking the court to evaluate the law’s merits and declare it to be unconstitutional. They are also seeking protection for their group and staff members to be left out of SB 8’s enforcement in the state.  

About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, or officially referred to as Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., is a nonprofit group focused on informing the public and providing reproductive health care services to clients located in the United States and the whole world. 

Founded in 1916 in New York, Planned Parenthood has been able to amass assets worth more than $236 million as of the year 2011. The organization runs many subsidiaries under its belt, mainly an entity in each US state nationwide. 

Editor’s Note on Planned Parenthood TRO & Texas’s Anti-Abortion Senate Bill 8: 

This class action update details the latest court ruling siding with Texas’s Planned Parenthood amidst the ongoing heated debates surrounding SB 8 and how it may affect expecting Texan mothers who want to seek an abortion. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Surgical Health Service, et al. v. Texas Right to Life, et al.; Case No.: D-1-GN-21-004632

Jurisdiction: District Court of Travis County Texas

Allegation(s): Individuals and groups like Texas Right to Life may use Texas’ newly instated SB 8 law to file dubious legal challenges against Planned Parenthood and other people and entities involved in abortion. 

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