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Improperly Galvanized Brake Lines Lead to Piaggio Recall

Piaggio Recall: Have You Purchased a Piaggio Motorcycle?

If yes, make sure to read on because this article is for you! Recently, Piaggio Group Americas recalls 123 the model year 2019-2020 MP3 500 motorcycles.

Why Did Piaggio Issue the Recall?

According to reports, there’s a possibility of improperly galvanized brake lines. Due to this issue, hydrogen could be released into the brake fluid.

Once hydrogen entered the braking system, the brake lever’s ability to activate the brakes could be reduced, which can lead to a crash.

What You Need To Do

Due to this recall, Piaggio Group Americas will inform the owners about the pressing issue. Then, the dealers will take charge of performing a complete brake system flush free of charge.

It has also been reported that the recall will start on September 24, 2020.

For concerned owners, they can call Piaggio customer service at (212) 380-4433. Piaggio’s number for this recall is PP2ZZQ1904_MP3.

If you have further questions about this issue, feel free to contact us today.

Editor’s note on the Piaggio Recall:

This piece is written to update Piaggio Motorcycle users about Piaggio Group Americas’ recent motorcycle recall. 

If you have questions regarding this news, send us a message.

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