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Panera Bread Pizza Is Now A Thing Consider The Consumer

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Pizza Now Available at Panera Bread; Will You Try It?

Panera Bread Pizza Is Now A Thing

Recently, Panera Bread has incorporated flatbread pizza to its menus to provide consumers more options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the restaurant, they noticed a steady increase in takeout, delivery, and drive-through orders this year. Most consumers opt for delivery and carryout options for safety reasons. In fact, Eduardo Luz, Panera’s chief brand and concept officer, revealed that Panera doubled its delivery business in 2020. 

Luz clarified that Panera already began testing the flatbread pizza even before the pandemic.

“Our guests have been asking for this for years. We think Panera’s bread heritage and outstanding ingredients meet both the desire for high quality, crafted pizza as well as a growing customer off-premise behavior,” Luz stated.

Last Wednesday, Panera added Cheese, Margherita, and Chipotle Chicken & Bacon flatbread pizzas to its menus nationwide. These new flatbread pizzas are retailed from a price starting at $7.99. 

“As restaurant traffic across the industry increasingly shifts to later in the day, Flatbread Pizzas allow Panera to further compete across dayparts and appeal to off-premise consumer preferences,” the company said in a press release.

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