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Optimum Hidden Fees – Stop Cable Companies From Overcharging

This morning, one of our readers reached out to us and explained to us an issue he, and a friend, had with their cable provider, Optimum. The subject line of the e-mail was Optimum Hidden Fees. This certainly caught our eye, and when we looked into his complaint, it was stated that:

“In July of 2016, after I moved to  a new place, I called optimum to sign up with them. The sales person told me that I will have an HBO Go log in for free for one month. I asked if I need to do anything to cancel the subscription at the end of one month, and she replied, assuring me that there is no need to do anything. The subscription to HBO Go will expire after a month, unless I opted to continue it. I said okay, hung up, and didn’t think about it much after that.

Two and a half months later I realized that they charged me for HBO GO for an extra month, and when I called them, they told me that I didn`t cancel the subscription (even though they originally told me I had to opt in, not out!). The company did not reimburse me, even though the bill was charged without my authorization. In ranting about this to a friend of mine, she told me the same exact situation happened to her, over the course of 2 months.”

Being the intellectuals that we are over here at Consider The Consumer, we quickly realized and were nervous about the fact that if this happened to two people that just so happened to talk about it, how many other people have Optimum tried to pull this on?

Well, a quick Google search would answer that. A lot of people. The answer is a lot of people.

Some of our reporters spent the entire afternoon reading testimonies and complaints from Optimum users who discovered this issue, along with many others in their billing. We reached out to these people, in trying to assemble a class and have already gotten some serious results.

So, today, we are writing to you. If you’re reading this and believe that Optimum, or any cable company for that matter, has been truly passing along hidden fees to you via your bill, reach out and let us know! We fully intend to build a case against these corporations and put an end to these hidden and sneaky fees.

Protect your right as a consumer!

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