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Nursing home neglect 2021

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Nursing Home Neglect Caused An Increase In Deaths – Possible Lawsuit Investigation Amid The Pandemic

Nursing homes are being investigated due to a likely increase in death cases from neglect of patients

The coronavirus pandemic has caused additional risk to the elderly population, mainly the residents of nursing homes. 

They are most especially considered at high risk to contract complications from COVID-19 due to pre-existing conditions and age. 

Most residents of nursing homes already have conditions like obesity, heart disease, and auto-immune disease, which doubles their risk rate when they potentially have the virus.

However, there are allegations that aside from COVID-19, neglect during the pandemic is to blame for the rise of deaths in nursing homes.

Nursing Homes Neglect

Currently, more vaccines are available to help control the effects of the coronavirus.

Despite this, families of nursing home residents are afraid that this will not be enough since they believe that residents are more at risk of dying from being neglected and mistreated.

It was reported that thousands of patients have already died from being abused at nursing homes.

Residents have allegedly experienced different forms of emotional, financial, physical, and sexual mistreatment from staff members.

Aside from abuse, elderly residents are also prone to suffer from neglect of staff members, which happens when some of their needs are not met.

This can be because the nursing home is understaffed or the staff members were not trained enough to handle the case of each resident.

It can also be intentional neglect done by a staff member.

Reports state that neglect is a serious matter at nursing homes because some patients need constant and round-the-clock attention.

Some residents have limited mobility, making them prone to life-threatening conditions like limited mobility, bedsores, and infection.

Dangerous situations can be preventable, but the lack of attention and focus of staff members can lead to death.

COVID-19 Implications

During the coronavirus pandemic, the condition at nursing homes has worsened. 

Multiple staff members have contracted the virus, which increased the need for an additional workforce.

Aside from this, residents have already contracted the virus, increasing their needs and dependence on staff members.

The issue has caused a spike in the number of deaths related to nursing home neglect.

Stephen Kaye, a professor at the University of California San Francisco, declares that nursing homes and other health care facilities are facing a crisis.

This is because they can no longer cope up with the effects of the pandemic.

Nursing homes are heavily understaffed, which increases the risk of neglect for their residents.

The professor analyzed COVID-19 data for 15,000 nursing homes.

According to her, whenever two residents die due to COVID-19, an additional patient dies due to an issue not related to COVID-19.

She adds that non-COVID-related deaths have also increased in nursing homes, with a statistic of 3 for every 10 COVID-19 deaths.

Families of residents who have passed away due to a non-COVID-related issue are advised to seek legal counsel and investigate if it was caused by neglect.

Editor’s Note on Nursing Home Neglect Caused An Increase In Deaths:

This article is published to inform you of neglect in nursing home’s which has caused a spike in deaths during the coronavirus pandemic.

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